Seamless Access to Applications and Improving End-User Experience

Anunta successfully onboards one of California’s state government agencies to the Cloud, enabling seamless access to applications and improving end-user experience.


California’s state Government Operations agency helps the state serve the public better by providing a variety of services to multiple state agencies. It is committed to sustainability in its facilities, fleet and purchasing and serves over 20 significant statewide boards and commissions associated with general services.


The agency wanted to move its existing desktop infrastructure to the Cloud but was facing issues with the implementation. It was unable to provide seamless access to applications via virtual desktops and was facing issues in integrating existing applications with the new environment. This resulted in poor end-user experience causing the agency to think about decommissioning Cloud technology and scouting for alternate solutions.


Anunta quickly resolved critical issues in the Cloud tenant, network and customer environment by implementing performance optimization and enabled the agency to move its applications to the Cloud successfully.

Benefits Realisation:

The agency was able to make applications available seamlessly to its end-users through virtual desktops resulting in improved end-user experience and productivity. The agency converted from a dissatisfied customer earlier concerned of moving to the Cloud to a happy and growing customer. It not only went ahead with the planned Cloud implementation, but also added new users to the Cloud.

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