Work from Home Solution for Global Business Process Management Provider

Anunta designs a highly secure work from home solution for a leading global business process management provider.


The company is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) service provider to 100+ leading brands. The have presence in the US, UK, India and the Philippines. They specialize in providing transformational solutions to reimagine business processes, enabling their customers to achieve increased efficiency, gain deeper insights and superior outcomes.


The client wanted to adopt a “work from home” solution that meets the necessary security requirements and provide endusers with work flexibility. They also wanted to reduce operational costs incurred in resource management and handle business cycles without increasing fixed costs.


Anunta designed an EUC solution and configured a Hosted Virtual Desktop environment on a cluster of high density, high availability physical servers.

Hosted Desktops were configured as per the company’s requirements to enable end-users working from remote locations with appropriate access to business applications. An application delivery infrastructure was developed to deliver a high-quality end-user environment.

The network was segmented to handle data, storage and voice with clear demarcation. End-users would gain access to the hosted desktops only after connecting through the threefactor authenticated VPN. The VPN restricts any other communication from the end-users once they are connected.


Voice calling was enabled through hosted desktops by mapping the voice client to the user PSTN number. The PSTN phone lines were connected to the client-owned voice switches to enable end-users to handle voice calls.


Anunta Onboarded end-users that were working from home on to the new infrastructure and conducted detailed user acceptance testing (UAT) for end-user experience and application performance. Further, we provided Smart Monitoring and established a remote infrastructure monitoring team to enable proactive monitoring of the new virtualized infrastructure.


Over time, Anunta has facilitated large-scale adoption of the new infrastructure to encompass all work from home users.

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