Transforming Traditional IT Infrastructure to Cloud with Daas on Azure

Anunta enables a leading global professional services company transform its traditional IT infrastructure to the Cloud, and significantly improve end-user experience and productivity, while reducing operational costs.


The customer is a global professional services firm. It drives digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for a vast number of processes for hundreds of Global Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries. It helps enterprises rethink and transform business operations and to create better business outcomes.


The customer had created island infrastructures to reengineer business operations for enterprises across the globe. These island infrastructures were completely independent of each other, making them inflexible and resulted in duplication of resources leading to high management cost. This was a significant issue especially with smaller projects, impacting the customer’s operating margin negatively. This eventually led to the customer having to drop smaller requests leading to loss of business opportunities and revenue.


Anunta identified infrastructure, security and implementation requirements and designed a solution using Horizon Cloud on Azure as it provided a multi-tenant set up that is secure, offered simplified management and reduced administrative overheads during application integration.

In consultation with the Customer, Anunta designed the solution while considering the following:

  • Implementing Horizon Cloud on Azure across 400 end users, leveraging the Customer’s existing investment/infrastructure, where possible.
  • Ensuring high availability and exceptional end-user experience & performance.
  • Ensuring integration of critical business applications with VMware identity manager.

Standardization of golden images, implementation of security policies and enablement of third-party identity management ensured complete adherence to infrastructure and applications security. Initial teething issues were addressed for high quality of service. Anunta’s metric driven Day 2 operations delivered seamless applications availability to stabilize the environment.

Post deployment, Anunta’s metric driven Day 2 operations delivered seamless availability of applications by quickly stabilizing the virtualized environment. The 24x7x365 remote infrastructure management team ensured that all incidents are addressed with minimum disruption to the business. Proactive monitoring of the environment helped to quickly resolve more than 70% of the incidents before it impacted end-user performance and structured root cause analysis of incidents further helped to prevent its recurrence. Anunta’s standardized processes and methods ensured consistent and predictable day to day performance of the Horizon Cloud environment and minimal impact on end-users due to change-related incidents. Continuous monitoring of the virtual desktop environment helped to anticipate and quickly scale up/down the capacity depending on the business requirements. The outcome based and SLA driven approach resolved any CSAT related issues and enhanced user performance. The coordinated effort by both the teams ensured all security patches, bug fixes and performance enhancement patches related to Horizon Cloud infrastructure are released without business disruption.

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