End-User Security & Flexibility in US Healthcare Organization

Anunta enables a leading US healthcare organization in providing its end-users secure and flexible access to applications and data on Cloud.


A leading US healthcare specialty service organization was growing at a rapid pace, with 3,500+ team members serving 25+ million users nationwide. The company was considering moving to the Cloud to provide its end-users with secure and flexible access to applications and data.


The organization want to move its workloads from on-premises to the Cloud and was facing challenges in moving to the Cloud. The organization was not able to configure a unified EUC environment on the Cloud. It was also experiencing challenges in implementation of data protection and security that made it to believe that Cloud technology may not be the right solution to achieve its business objectives.


Anunta engaged with the customer and immediately identified their end objectives post onboarding end-users to the Cloud. A total of 45 customized service requirements were addressed in order to help the organization achieve its business objectives. Additionally, Anunta also optimized the Cloud infrastructure to further improve performance.

Benefits Realisation:

Anunta’s enabled the organization to set up a secure Cloud environment that met its business objectives.

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