Next Generation Cloud-based End User Computing Technologies | Anunta

Technologies that focus on end-user satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity.

Today’s business requirements demand a globally distributed workforce to work in unison across time zones, locations and devices, with secured access to data and business applications. This calls for embracing technologies that will not only enable end-users access to data and applications any time, any place, any device, but also focus on end-user satisfaction, which eventually translates to improved productivity. Businesses around the world are moving towards cloud-based End-User Computing (EUC) in an attempt to address these very needs.

Anunta is a recognized specialist in cloud (public & private) and virtualization technologies, and has been working exclusively in the EUC space since inception (2012), today managing 120,000+ endpoints across 190,000+ users globally. We partner with leading EUC vendors, VMware and Citrix, and cloud infrastructure providers AWS and Azure in offering private and public cloud solutions.

We have unparalleled expertise in delivering and implementing the most optimal solutions using a combination of the most suitable virtualization technologies, depending on the customer’s existing and desired IT architecture.

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