How DaaS Solves the Challenges of Digital Workplace Transformation

How DaaS Solves the Challenges of Digital Workplace Transformation

For IT teams, giving workforces the resources they need to thrive has never been harder than it is today. The pivot toward hybrid and remote work – which more than three-quarters of businesses have embraced, according to Gallup – is only part of the reason. Pervasive cybersecurity threats and ongoing economic uncertainty have also contributed to the pressure that IT organizations face in delivering secure, cost-effective solutions that workforces can access from anywhere.

Fortunately, there’s an offering that can meet all these challenges: Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS. We’re excited to showcase Anunta’s fully managed DaaS offering at VMware Explore 2022, focused on supercharging the digital workforce transformations that businesses across the world are currently undergoing.

The Age of Workplace Uncertainty

To understand why DaaS has become so crucial to business success, you must understand just how radically the workplace has changed in a relatively short period of time. Several key disruptors have emerged in recent years:

  • The adoption of remote and hybrid work models, in which employees operate off-site on a routine basis.
  • A massive surge in cybersecurity attacks and risks, which have never been as prevalent as they are today.
  • Economic instability due to high inflation rates, rising borrowing costs and limited capital.

On their own, each of these trends might not lead to major upheaval for the way businesses manage their workforces. But the fact that all these disruptions are taking place at the same time has led to massive challenges for IT organizations.

Being able to provide IT services to remote and hybrid workers is hard enough. But it’s even worse when those resources need to be hardened against the ever-increasing risk of cyberattack.

At the same time, many organizations need to support remote and hybrid workforces in a resource-constrained environment, which means they must make smart financial decisions about where and how they deploy IT resources. They can’t just toss money at modern workplace challenges until they disappear, because there’s not as much money to toss around as there was before the current economic downturn.

The Role of DaaS in Workplace Transformation Success

At VMware Explore, Anunta experts will come together to showcase how Desktop-as-a-Service can help businesses meet each of the above challenges in order to achieve successful workplace transformation.

By allowing businesses to replace traditional PCs with cloud-based virtual desktops, DaaS makes it easy to build desktop infrastructure for the modern digital workplace. With DaaS, it doesn’t matter where your workers are physically located or when they choose to work. They can access cloud-based desktop sessions from anywhere, using any local device.

From a security perspective, too, DaaS not only meets, but surpasses, the security standards of traditional, in-office PCs. DaaS provides robust access controls and encryption for network traffic. It also virtually eliminates the risk that physical security breaches (such as the theft of laptops) could place business data at risk, because data always remains inside the data centers that host DaaS sessions.

As for cost, DaaS allows companies to deploy flexible desktop infrastructure for modern workforces at a low cost. The monthly cost for fully managed DaaS services is as low as $40 per user – much less than the TCO of purchasing traditional PCs and paying IT staff to manage and support them on an ongoing basis.

Plus, because DaaS platforms offer pay-as-you-go pricing, there is no need for businesses to invest precious capital in purchasing PC infrastructure upfront. They can use an OpEx model instead – an especially valuable benefit in the context of today’s economic uncertainty.

Managed and Packaged DaaS: The Easy Way to Run Cloud Desktops

You may be thinking: “DaaS sounds great, but isn’t it a lot of work to deploy and manage it? I can’t replace my traditional desktop infrastructure overnight!”

That’s a fair point. Designing, configuring, and supporting DaaS environments can be challenging. Not only does DaaS require mastery of technologies like desktop virtualization services, but you must also tailor your DaaS environment for your use cases if you want to achieve the best performance, cost, and security.

That’s why, at Anunta, we do all of this work for our customers as part of our fully managed customized DaaS and packaged DaaS offerings. We design DaaS environments based on each customer’s unique needs, then implement and manage those environments on an ongoing basis. In exchange for predictable, transparent pay-as-you-go pricing, our clients get turnkey DaaS services that keep their workforces productive and happy while minimizing the burden on IT departments.

Learn More at VMware Explore

For full details on how the workplace is changing and how managed DaaS helps businesses rise to the challenge of digital workplace transformation, come see us at VMware Explore from Aug. 29-Sept. 1 at booth #1818. Don’t forget to catch our session, “Demystifying DaaS: Easily Enable a Hybrid Workforce,” which takes the audience through the benefits of DaaS and the freedom and flexibility it provides to the digital workplace.

We hope to see you later this month in San Francisco!



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