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When you choose to join us, you get all advantages of a start-up work environment. Self- motivated teams that prioritize growth, going beyond the job to satisfy clients, cross- functional teams that give you opportunity and the experience it would take years to acquire in a large established enterprise. We look for individuals who are ready to take on challenging tasks.

More importantly, we give you a meritocratic culture and a transparent appraisal system so that your contribution is noticed and rewarded. And though we are a start-up, our management team is very experienced and we are funded by the world’s leading investors. The members of our management team have been part of leading companies, Indian and international. So your work will be held to global standards and you will get adequate mentorship to help you learn and advance. Do connect with us today. Work won’t be the same again.

All our work facilities compare with the best in the industry and so do our compensation & benefits policies. We offer a creative, fun to work and grow in atmosphere that enables each of our team members to contribute.

Current Openings

Citrix Administrator L3

(Nos: 4)

Chennai / Mumbai

Department : IT Services

Citrix Administrator L2

(Nos: 10)

Chennai / Mumbai

Department : IT Services