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Why Our Team Loves Working With Us!

At Anunta, we have a people-centric work environment that is friendly, fair, and flexible. As a value-driven organization, we are proud of our stimulating work environment with merit-based reward systems, equal opportunities, and flexible hours.

Anunta has been certified as a Great Place to Work more than four times, recognizing our transparent culture that nurtures trust, collaboration, and a sense of shared purpose among our employees.

When You Choose Anunta, You Choose

  • Career icon 1A dynamic start-up environment that’s driven by self-motivated teams.
  • Career icon 2A culture of excellence that prioritizes going above and beyond.
  • Career icon 3A meritocratic organization that rewards excellence at all levels.



The cornerstone of Anunta’s culture is our people-centric values. Our policies and programs are designed with the key values of transparency, flexibility, and development at the center. At Anunta, we are guided by our firm belief that our growth is heavily reliant on our people’s growth.


We have a highly diverse team with specific skill sets who foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Everyone’s ideas are valued, and innovation is encouraged. Our dedicated team members support each other’s growth, ensuring everyone can reach their true potential.


At Anunta, our work extends beyond offerings and profits. We take great pride in our contributions to society and our commitment to giving back. Through partnerships with charitable organizations and our robust CSR strategies, we actively contribute to causes that matter.


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I have a lot of freedom to explore my capabilities and have always been encouraged to take up challenging and fulfilling tasks. Anunta has a great work environment, where people aren't only compensated fairly for the work, but given many opportunities to grow and learn new things.

Arpit Paronigar Presales

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Being a part of the Anunta family has been a life as well as career changing roller coaster experience for me. I got the opportunity to work with different verticals to truly understand how different departments in an enterprise are interdependent. I’ve also been lucky and blessed to have managers and leaders over me who genuinely care for my overall wellbeing.

Sharon Joy Project Management

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It has been great working with Anunta. I have grown with the company and feel that my hard work and efforts have always been recognized. My manager guides me to be a leader and provides immense opportunity to lead the team. I look forward to building on the many opportunities Anunta provides.

Falguni Shah Staffing and Asset Management

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Every day at Anunta is unique as each day brings a new opportunity to learn, share and explore the unknown. The confidence instilled by my managers and team members has improved my ability to deliver better results. With rapid growth being clocked by Anunta, I am looking forward to a fresh set of challenges.

Paridhi Soni Support Services

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I had great opportunities to learn, grow, and apply my skills. Anunta has a great work culture, where the teams support each other to ensure tasks are completed on time, while being uncompromising on quality. There's a culture of acknowledgement and appreciation here that I truly enjoy.

Robin Chako Operations

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Anunta is very employee-centric, provides ample opportunities for developing individual skills and the freedom to implement innovative ideas. My journey with Anunta has transformed me into a more efficient and confident person. It feels great to work with an organization that is led by sound and efficient leadership. Anunta is definitely a great place to work!

Hiren Purohit Operations

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Anunta has given me immense learning opportunities on various new technologies. I am always motivated to deliver only the best to our customers. Anunta is really a great place to work, and I look forward to having a long and rewarding career here.

Upasana Mahajan Operations

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At Anunta,We Look For

    • Individuals who are ready to take on challenging tasks and believe in proactively tackling challenges.
    • Learners who are constantly searching for and exploring new tools and technologies.
    • Customer-centric minds who are constantly searching for ways to make the status quo simpler and more meaningful.
    • People who are persistent, problem-solvers, and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

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