Elevate Your End User Experience with Anunta’s Enterprise DaaS

Enterprise DaaS is a fully managed custom-built DaaS solution that provides on-demand virtual desktops hosted on any public cloud or private on-premises infrastructure using VDI. The virtual desktops can be accessed from any remote location with enterprise-grade security. You have the option to pick and choose services that include full life cycle provision from design to support.

Seamless Lifecycle Management

Enjoy full lifecycle support, from design to implementation to Day 2 support.


Tailored DaaS Solution

Pick and choose services aligned to your specific business needs.

Platform-Agnostic Offering  

Choose the virtualization platforms that suit your business goals.  

Cloud-Agnostic Solution  

Host virtual desktops on the cloud platform of your choice: public, private, or hybrid.

Built for Big Workforces

Support your large, geographically diverse enterprise and distributed workforces.  

Designed to Handle Complexity  

Built to be deployed seamlessly across industries and business units.


Use Cases

Unlock Remote Work

Harness peak productivity by seamlessly accessing your virtual desktop for a dynamic remote work experience with no boundaries.

Revolutionize Customer Support

Transform your contact centers by delivering an agile virtual environment for agents to provide top-notch service anytime, anywhere.

Swift Desktop and PC Refresh

Elevate your tech game and ensure cutting-edge efficiency and performance without the hassle of traditional upgrades.

Effortless Collaboration

Facilitate seamless integration for contractors and partners, providing secure access to shared resources, boosting teamwork across the digital landscape.

On-the-Go Efficiency

Empower your field agents with a virtual command center on the go, ensuring real-time connectivity and productivity in the palm of their hands.

Device Diversity Through BYOD

Elevate BYOD dynamics by empowering users with a secure and unified digital workspace on their preferred devices.

How to Ensure Great End User Experience with DaaS

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