Gain Complete Visibility into your Cloud Environment

A SaaS-based intelligent cloud cost optimization tool, CloudOptimal optimizes your cloud costs by continuously monitoring and analyzing your current and historical data to forecast your future requirements. It gives you complete visibility of your complex cloud environments by providing cloud usage and cost details.

CloudOptimal also acts as a central repository for all your reporting needs, eliminating the necessity of using different data sources to fetch information on usage and spending. The platform makes it possible to align spending to your business quickly. Answer any cost question, drill down, zoom out, and get the most granular, context-rich intelligence — all without endless tagging.

Comprehensive Functionalities from CloudOptimal

Customers Hub

Simplifies the management of complex cloud environments with multiple customer accounts. Track overall cloud usage and costs from user-friendly dashboards.

Cost and Usage Analyzer

Provides complete visibility into all areas of cloud spending and resource utilization. Track total spending, cost by service, and cost over time.

Cloud Usage Optimizer

Analyzes resource configuration and usage telemetry to recommend solutions that help improve cost-effectiveness and performance of Azure resources.

Budget Manager

Helps create budgets to monitor all Azure cloud charges in one place, enabling you to track actual spend against planned spend.

Anomaly Detector

Helps users identify problems quickly by detecting spikes, dips, and deviations from cyclic patterns, trend changes, and any level of anomaly.

Chargeback Center

Helps users organize their resources by assigning metadata or tags to enable easy searching and organizing in a way relevant for their business and reporting.

* Please note that certain functionalities listed here are under development and may not be available currently.

What CloudOptimal Offers You  

  • In-Depth Visibility: Enjoy complete transparency of cloud usage and cost across varied dimensions.

  • Tag-Specific Insights: Understand the intricate cost details associated with different tags.

  • Intuitive Client Interface: Analyze cloud costs and consumption effortlessly through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Proactive Forecasts : Benefit from precise forecasts and tailored optimization recommendations.

  • Versatile Workload Support: Leverage a multifaceted approach that caters to diverse workload types.

  • Dynamic Graphics: Gather in-depth and specific insights on diverse dimensions through interactive graphics displaying cost and cloud usage.

Your Partner in Maximizing Cloud Cost Benefits

  • Cut down on unnecessary cloud costs and ensure substantial savings for your business.
  • Unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure by optimizing resources.
  • Respond quickly to cost-saving opportunities with real-time insights.
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