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Anunta’s DaaS is a fully managed, platform-agnostic solution designed to amplify your productivity, security, and cost savings. It covers the full DaaS lifecycle support and end-to-end design, onboarding, migration, and management of virtual desktops.

Packaged DaaS

Packaged DaaS provides secure pre-configured virtual desktops hosted on a public cloud and is easy to deploy and use. It is a comprehensive Windows 10/11-based cloud desktop built on regulatory compliant platforms, and it requires minimal IT intervention to initiate, deploy and manage. A fully off the shelf packaged offering that provides end-to-end support, Packaged DaaS can be set up and running with a few clicks.

Enterprise DaaS

Enterprise DaaS is a fully managed custom-built DaaS solution that provides on-demand virtual desktops hosted on any public cloud or private on-premises infrastructure using VDI. The virtual desktops can be accessed from any remote location with enterprise-grade security. You have the option to pick and choose services that include full life cycle provision from design to support.


Azure Virtual Desktop

Virtualization Technology


Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud Platform


Fully off-the-shelf


Flexibility to pick and choose

Full lifecycle support


Full lifecycle support

SMBs and MSPs

Ideal For

Large enterprises


Navigating Today’s Uncertain Business Environment with DaaS

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<h3>Navigating Today’s Uncertain Business Environment with DaaS</h3>

Why Consider Anunta’s Managed DaaS Offerings?

Unlock Mobility

Unlock Mobility

Access virtual desktops flexibly and seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

Fortify Security

Fortify Security

Implement advanced security measures to ensure data integrity and compliance.

Supercharge Productivity

Supercharge Productivity

Enhance user productivity with consistent computing experience.

Optimize Your IT Spend

Optimize Your IT Spend

Maximize your IT budget efficiently with our pay-as-you-go model.

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  • Scalable, secure and compliant across environments of any size.
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