Our Managed Endpoint Services

Adapt to the changing workspace environment with our comprehensive endpoint management services encompassing proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support. With a strong emphasis on intelligence and automation, our service-oriented approach and simplified processes are designed to enhance and elevate your digital employee experience.

Modern Desktop Management

Efficiently centralize and streamline the management of your end-user devices with our Modern Desktop Management solutions. Remotely deploy software, enforce policies, monitor device health, and roll out updates across your entire device fleet in one go. Deliver a unified, seamless experience for all.


Mobile Device Management

Empower your enterprise workforce with mobility by deploying our Mobile Device Management solutions. Enhance employee productivity with secure access to resources, manage applications seamlessly, and safeguard corporate data with advanced security features for a streamlined mobile experience.


Device Lifecycle Management

Optimize the entire lifecycle of your devices with our comprehensive Device Lifecycle Management services. From strategic procurement to secure disposal, we provide end-to-end solutions to maximize the value of your hardware investments. Ensure efficient utilization of resources, minimize downtime, and reduce overall device costs.


Secure Access Service Edge

Leverage a single window for visibility and management, consistent policy, and shared data for all users and all apps with our SASE offerings. Merge top-tier security protocols with high-speed networking to provide robust protection and unmatched connectivity, ensuring your digital operations remain secure and agile.


Why Consider Anunta’s Managed Endpoint Services?

Proactive Security Management

Enforce consistent security policies across all endpoints, taking a proactive approach to address potential security vulnerabilities.

24/7 Support and Accelerated Response

Unparalleled support system of a dedicated team of seasoned professionals offering real-time assistance and accelerated issue resolution.

100% Asset Compliance

Improve asset compliance across your device fleet through timely software updates, security patches, and configuration settings.

Asset Onboarding Time of 24 Hours

Streamline the integration of new assets into the system with same-day asset onboarding with preconfiguring apps and pre-allocating access.

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