Empower Your Distributed Workforce

DesktopReady™ is a modern DaaS management platform, with built-in automation and monitoring that simplifies the delivery and management of cloud desktops. A fully managed packaged virtual desktop, it integrates best-in-class technology platforms, products, and a comprehensive set of services to provide a turnkey DaaS solution for today's distributed workforce.

DesktopReady™ PCs are also available as fully managed desktops for the unique needs of companies that want to spend less time on IT. Available as either native Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or VMware Horizon-based desktops, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, DesktopReady™ provides fully functional Windows 10/11 desktops that are easy to install, configure and ready within minutes. The highly secure cloud desktops are built on platforms that are GDPR, CCNA, PCI, HIPAA and SOC2 compliant and supported by 24/7 service desk and infrastructure monitoring.

Comprehensive Functionalities from DesktopReady™

Integrated Management Console

Delegate multiple users as admins to perform management operations including user management, assignments/unassignments and password reset.

Fully Managed Workspace

Leverage a fully managed secure platform that eliminates all IT hassles by covering the entire lifecycle – from design to implementation to management.

Continuous User Experience Monitoring

Ensure the best end user experience through proactive health checks, and 24/7 observability, alerting and ongoing support.

Rapid Application Enablement

Easily enable delivery of a diverse range of business applications to your distributed workforce.

What DesktopReady™ Offers You

  • Rapid Provisioning and Integration: The SaaS-based portal allows easy provisioning of an Azure-based/Horizon-based hosted desktop environment based on requirements.

  • Multiple Remoting Protocol Options: The platform offers the option to build and deliver applications based on Microsoft’s AVD or VMware/Broadcom’s Horizon-based brokering and remoting options.

  • Automated Onboarding: The automated platform accelerates user onboarding and assignments, with self-service options to rapidly scale and expand as per business requirements.

  • 24/7 Support that provides top-class experience to your end users with our round the clock support staffed by a team of skilled, certified digital workspace experts.

Encompassing the Entire Lifecycle

Your Partner in Secure and Scalable VDI

  • Simplify and modernize your IT infrastructure.
  • Improve your security posture and protect against cyber threats.
  • Enable secure and remote work for your employees.
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