Simplify the Management of Your Virtual Environment

A SaaS-based intelligent AIOps platform, EuVantage simplifies the management and delivery of virtual desktops and applications, whether hosted on private or public cloud. It provides unparalleled visibility and adaptive correlation for effective user experience management.

What sets EuVantage apart is its unique ability to discover and leverage the relationships among the various network, server and virtualization layer components involved in application delivery. By understanding this relationship and prioritizing end-user impacting issues, EuVantage helps organizations maximize application availability, simplify management, and optimize the cost of a virtual desktop environment.

Comprehensive Functionalities from EuVantage

Swift Issue Identification through Automation

Identify potential issues at a glance through automated discovery of application delivery components.

User Insights on Your Fingertips

Gain an on-demand end-user-centric view of the application delivery infrastructure, streamlining insights for quicker decision-making.

Smart Dashboards, Faster Decisions

Benefit from adaptive analytics and intuitive dashboards, driving faster business choices that save both time and money.

Proactive Management with Real-Time Reports

Receive actionable reports that offer a live glimpse into application performance and its subsequent effect on user experience.

What EuVantage Offers You

  • Purpose-built for enterprise VDI and DaaS monitoring to see the environment as a correlated application delivery chain.

  • Auto-discovered, end-user-centric dependency mapping that is continuously kept up to date.

  • End-user performance alerts automatically mapped to underlying infrastructure.

  • Auto-association technology that correlates relevant metrics and alerts to reduce noise and clutter

  • SaaS-based simple installation with transparent per desktop/end-user pricing.

Your Partner in Smart Virtual Desktop Monitoring

  • Experience seamless virtual desktop performance optimization.
  • Reduce operational complexity and simplify virtual desktop monitoring and management.
  • Fortify your virtual desktop infrastructure and guard against cyber threats.
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