Power Your Business with Anunta’s Packaged DaaS

Anunta’s Packaged DaaS provides secure pre-configured virtual desktops hosted on a public cloud and is easy to deploy and use. It is a comprehensive Windows 10/11-based cloud desktop that is built on regulatory compliant platforms. Our Packaged DaaS requires minimal IT intervention to initiate, deploy and manage.

Streamlined IT Solution

Simplify your virtual infrastructure with a fully off the shelf packaged offering.

Seamless Lifecycle Management

Enjoy full lifecycle support, from design to implementation to Day 2 support.

Simple, Scalable, Dynamic Offering

Scale and modify your environment dynamically with self-service options.

Easy Deployment

Get your virtual environment up and running with just a few clicks.

24/7 Fully Managed Solution

Enjoy complete freedom from desktop maintenance. 

Zero IT Burden

Eliminate downtime and need for specialized IT intervention.

Our patented fully managed Packaged DaaS solution, DesktopReady, enables you to stream an unmatched desktop experience to anyone on any device.

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Use Cases

Enable Remote Work

Establish a device and location-agnostic workspace by providing secure cloud desktops for your employees from anywhere with any device.

Support BYOD

Lift BYOD dynamics by empowering users with a secure, unified digital workspace on their chosen devices.

Rapid Testing and Deployment

Accelerate innovation by expediting testing and deployment and ensure rapid and seamless integration of updates and improvements for your digital ecosystem.

Seamless Scaling and Growth

Ensure a future-ready, resilient digital infrastructure by effortlessly scaling to meet your expanding needs.

Robust Security and Compliance

Create a shielded digital workspace that meets the highest standards for data protection and regulatory requirements.

Smooth Mergers and Acquisitions

Harmonize transitions by integrating diverse digital landscapes into a cohesive, collaborative environment for unified productivity.


Virtual Desktops, Tangible Impact : How Desktop as a Service Enables Telecom Providers to Stand Apart

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