Maximize Your Recurring Revenue Potential with Anunta DaaS Partner Program

Maximize Your Recurring Revenue Potential with Anunta DaaS Partner Program

In its latest Market Guide for Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Gartner projects that the global DaaS market will grow by more than 250% between 2021 and 2024.

The rapid adoption of hybrid and remote working has constituted this increase in demand for DaaS by making it a priority for organizations around the globe. The surge of DaaS adoption also results from business efforts to reduce the cost of desktop infrastructure, especially in a time of ongoing economic uncertainty. Improving desktop security in order to meet increasingly rigid compliance and privacy requirements is another factor driving massive interest in DaaS.

DaaS’s ability to simplify desktop management and support services, too – and by extension, to reduce the burden placed on IT teams – also reinforces the value that DaaS brings to business today.

As such, DaaS presents one of the richest business opportunities available to resellers and managed service providers today.

Anunta DaaS Partner Program: An Easy Onramp to the DaaS Market

Planning, implementing, and supporting DaaS infrastructure present deep challenges, even for experienced IT resellers and service providers.

Anunta’s DaaS Partner Program is purpose-built to provide resellers and managed service providers with an easy means of offering white-labeled DaaS solutions to their clients in any industry. By working with Anunta, the MSP partners gain access to all the resources they need to deliver profitable DaaS products, without having to build, maintain, or support them themselves.

Since Anunta’s DaaS provides on-demand virtual desktops hosted on any public cloud, or on customers’ on-premises infrastructure using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology from vendors including Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, it gives partners creative ways to win customers from any business vertical.

Capitalizing on the enormous opportunity presented by the DaaS market can be quite easy as an Anunta DaaS partner. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the program.

1. Maximize Your Recurring Revenue

Because of the projected market growth, DaaS is an excellent offering for resellers and service providers who want to build steady recurring revenue streams. When well designed, implemented, and managed, DaaS offerings will yield multi-year customer contracts that ensure ongoing revenue.

As an Anunta DaaS partner resellers and MSPs can gain access to the expertise they need not to just get started with DaaS, but to create a DaaS offering that maximizes revenue and profitability, no matter which industries they work in or which type of customers they support.

2. Deliver a DaaS Solution Quickly and Easily

Building a DaaS offering from scratch requires having to master a range of technologies, such as VDI-oriented virtualization platforms and cloud desktop platforms. There is also the necessity to set up unique processes for supporting and updating DaaS environments. Resellers and MSPs will also need to design, implement, and manage the infrastructure that powers their DaaS offering.

As an Anunta DaaS partner, resellers and MSs can deploy a complete DaaS offering to their customers with minimal investment of time and resources. Anunta provides not just the DaaS platform, but also the proprietary intellectual property and advanced automation tools that resellers and service providers need to make production-ready DaaS solutions available to their customers.

3. Maximize End User Satisfaction

Without a rock-solid DaaS platform and the specialized expertise necessary to support it, delivering on end-user expectations can be a real challenge.

Being an Anunta DaaS partner, you can bank on reliability uptime rates of 99.98% or higher, which translates to high end-user satisfaction. This, in turn, helps resellers and service providers improve customer retention rates and ensure reliable streams of recurring revenue.

4. Access Specialized DaaS Expertise

For more than a decade, Anunta has specialized in designing, implementing, and supporting VDI and DaaS environments for companies around the globe, equipping us with the necessary expertise to address every business’s unique requirements. And as an Anunta DaaS partner, you’ll have ready access to the guidance and evaluation services you need to tailor your DaaS offerings to each of your customers.

5. Leverage DaaS Sales and Marketing Resources

Unlike other IT services and products, DaaS is not a category with which many businesses are familiar. As such, marketing and selling DaaS products could be a challenge.

As an Anunta DaaS partner, resellers and MSPs get special access to sales and marketing tools, which will help them build awareness, find qualified buyers, and effectively close deals. Our joint go-to-market campaigns also help expose your brand to customers who otherwise might not know about you or your offerings.

6. Stand Apart in the DaaS Market

With the growth of the DaaS market, the chances that you will have heavy competition is high and standing apart in the market might turn out to be a challenge.

As an industry-trusted DaaS provider with 10+ years of experience, Anunta is uniquely positioned to help our partners scale their VDI business with programs that align with their business models, thus enhancing their brand value. Our record-setting levels of reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction act as differentiating factors for your brand.


With the freedom to choose from a variety of offerings to create custom packages and flexible contracts that help you retain total ownership of all your customer relationships, Anunta’s DaaS Partner Program is the ideal way to scale your business while ensuring a recurring stream of revenue.

Read our whitepaper to understand the benefits of the partner program in detail.

If you’re already convinced and want to become a partner, reach out to us at and we will get in touch with you.



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