What makes one Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider better than another?

What makes one Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider better than another?

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) has emerged as a viable and comprehensive solution for organizations of all sizes. While DaaS platforms offer hardware and software components for managing devices, it leaves IT teams to struggle with a day to day operational management. However, a DaaS provider enables enterprises to unburden internal operations management of IT infrastructure, thereby allowing IT managers to focus on strategic issues related to business growth and profitability.

It is important to choose the right implementation and management partner to avoid frequent business disruptions, increase in talent attrition, and decrease in user productivity leading to poor business outcomes. Choosing the right DaaS provider can provide a seamless workload transition and enhance end-user experience multi-fold. Apart from price, organizations must consider the following factors while evaluating the DaaS provider:

  • Technical Competency
  • Focus on Compliance & Security
  • Keeping you in business – Backup & Disaster recovery
  • End-to-End support
  • Price versus Absolute Value

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