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Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies have experienced significant changes due to escalating care delivery costs, widespread regulatory amendments, and changing business models. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a pharmaceutical company, you need flexible IT services.

Anunta’s digital workspace solutions allow you to ensure security and HIPAA compliance while enabling the future of care delivery with anytime, anywhere, secure access and seamlessly scalable compute capacities.

What Our Solutions Offer You

Allow for thin

Allow for thin clients connected to a powerful virtual machine.

Increase Security

Increase security by using built-in applications.

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency, especially while expanding.


Support a mobile workforce.

Optimize Cost

Optimize cost through multi-tenant architecture.

Use Cases

Emergency Care Anywhere
Emergency Care Anywhere

Facilitate rapid emergency response by providing healthcare workers seamless and secure access to critical information and resources.

Streamlined Outpatient Registration
Streamlined Outpatient Registration

Enhance patient experience and operational efficiency with self-service kiosks, simplifying outpatient registration.

Device-Agnostic Medical Imaging
Device-Agnostic Medical Imaging

Empower radiologists with the ability to interpret high-resolution medical images on any device, ensuring accurate diagnoses.

Compliant Access for Billing and Coding
Compliant Access for Billing and Coding

Provide billing and coding professionals with compliant and secure access to streamline financial processes.

Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access
Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable medical transcriptionists to work seamlessly with secure access to critical data to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions
Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Harness analytics for actionable insights to enhance decision-making and patient outcomes.

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  • Streamline operations by digitizing workflows and securely managing data.
  • Protect sensitive patient and research information with our robust security and compliance solutions.
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to accelerate research, enhance patient care, and drive innovation.
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