What is Desktop as a Service & Benefits of Cloud Adoption DaaS

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What is Desktop-as-a-Service?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS), also known as Hosted Desktop Services, is a cloud computing offering that enables businesses to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops to their employees who can access enterprise applications and data from any device, any location and at any time. Delivered “As a Service” on Cloud, cloud-hosted virtual desktops run the virtual machines/servers in a cloud provider’s data center. The storage, network resources, and other support infrastructure are present in the cloud. A DaaS provider streams the applications and data over a network to the end-users’ devices through thin/zero clients, where the employees can access their desktop through a client software or a web browser with the necessary authentication.

Why adopt DaaS?

With the increasing adoption of digital and workplace transformation, employees now need to access the corporate resources and data quickly, while being anywhere and on their own devices. Adopting DaaS can help the organizations achieve this and change the dynamics of how the employees work. Using DaaS can also help improve the performance and productivity of the employees as they are able to securely access the data on any device.

Benefits of adopting DaaS

Some of the top benefits of adopting DaaS are as follows:

  • Accessibility and Flexibility :

    Employees can access their applications, desktops, and data over the internet via PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones from anywhere, keeping them productive, no matter where they work.
  • Agility and Scalability :

    Rapidly scale up and down (bringing hosted desktops online or pushing new applications across a hosted desktop estate) depending on your business needs, whether it is, M&A, staffing temporary workers during peak seasons, managing contractors, or opening branch offices.
  • Business continuity :

    The continuous availability of desktop coupled with the centralized storage and backup of data enables businesses to stay up and running in the event of a natural disaster or any other unforeseen event.
  • Cost control :

    Pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models. This helps reduce capital expenses by doing away with investment in desktop hardware, servers and licensing and thereby using those funds for more value-added initiatives. Adopting DaaS can also help businesses enjoy more predictable operational expenses.
  • Security :

    Data is held and regularly backed up in a secure hosted environment and so it is secure. DaaS provides users with a secure access point and also simplifies desktop and app management processes and procedures.

Anunta works with leading enterprises globally to enable workplace transformation by adoption of DaaS across cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, VMware’s Horizon cloud on Azure, Horizon cloud on SoftLayer, VMC on AWS, Amazon Web Services and private cloud).