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Anunta Tech successfully concludes “Getting Ready For Hybrid Workplace” virtual session

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Event was hosted in partnership with Citrix on November 24th
– Over 130 attendees were part of the virtual session on the future of hybrid workspace and emerging trends

Mumbai, December 03, 2021: Anunta, a leading provider of Managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), recently concluded a virtual session themed around “Getting Ready For Hybrid Workplace” in partnership with Citrix on November 24, 2021. Attended by 130+ participants, the session was aimed at addressing the current challenges, ongoing solutions, and reasons to adapt to the hybrid style of working. In addition to the presence of Senior Technology Leaders, CIOs, CISOs, Technology Modernization Leaders, etc.

Additionally, Shri Prasanna Lohar, VP-Technology, DCB Bank, stated “Hybrid working has become a reality. As a result, businesses must concentrate on developing a safe and scalable distributed workforce strategy that is supported by technology. Employees demand work access from any device, anywhere.”

Vijay Jayaraman, Director, Systems Engineering, Citrix further emphasized on employee experience and added that, “Employees are looking for secure access from any device, anywhere. And businesses are looking for a low-cost, simple solution to securely deliver apps and desktops to employees.”

To compete in today’s world, businesses must consistently provide an extraordinary experience for their consumers. A remarkable customer experience is essential for every company’s long-term growth. Keeping this in mind, Ajit Aloz, Anunta Tech’s Head of Sales and Cloud Practice added, “CIOs are looking at the customer experience they provide at all phases of the customer journey as a key difference for retaining customers and ensuring a long-term future.”

In the recent year, many major corporations have declared that hybrid and remote work are here to stay. Although the pandemic was the most major factor in this change, the rise of remote and hybrid work settings in the business world has heightened the debate. Organizations must strive towards preparing for a hybrid tomorrow with a razor-sharp focus on seamless employee experience because the outcome may irreversibly transform how work is done. The perception of flexibility and adaptation has altered dramatically in the previous year. To reap the benefits of these developments and thrive in the new normal, businesses must widen their definitions of productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being in order to successfully transition to a hybrid workplace

About Anunta

Anunta is an industry-recognized Managed Desktop as a Service provider focused on Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360), Packaged DaaS, and Digital Workspace technology. We have successfully migrated 600,000+ remote desktop users to the cloud for enhanced workforce productivity and superior end-user experience.

Since its inception, Anunta has been empowering its customers globally with sustainable, secure, and scalable, managed DaaS offerings for business resiliency and workplace transformation. We are Top Tier partners with all the major technology OEMs (VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix) and cloud platform providers involved in virtualization technologies, particularly desktop virtualization. We have been consistently adding value to our customers by delivering excellence in design, onboarding, migration, and Day 2 packages by delivering cloud desktops across the most complex and varied use-cases.

For more information, visit anuntatech

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