Empower Your Hybrid Workspace

What are your IT priorities? The answer to this question used to vary across organizations pre-pandemic. But post the pandemic, not so much. The most fundamental IT requirement of enterprises across the globe now will be to enhance their hybrid and remote working strategies by providing the most suitable solutions. In VMware-commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting, 75% of organizations surveyed said they are making digital employee experience a higher top priority.

Anunta and VMware set the tone for Anywhere Workspace with “Empower Your Hybrid Workspace” event.

The event was co-presented by Anunta Technology and VMware and was held at The Grand Hyatt on April 21, 2022, Mumbai. It had at its center the most prevalent IT challenges of the day, shared globally by almost all organizations.

  • Providing exceptional multi-modal employee experiences to the end-users while ensuring data security
  • Enabling automated workspace management, and
  • Securing the distributed edge

The speakers at the event were Ramesh Vantipalli, Director EUC, Systems Engineering at VMware; Apalak Ghosh, Head ICT Practice, Frost & Sullivan; and Ajit Aloz, Head of Cloud Practice & Sales Head, Anunta Technology. They joined IT leaders from other leading organizations to share their perspectives on how enterprises can empower hybrid workspaces by delivering great digital employee experiences.

Hybrid Working: Striking the Right Balance

Apalak Ghosh set the tone for the event and touched upon the tectonic shift in the way we work post-pandemic. He pointed out that this shift has happened not just from a technological perspective, but also in terms of organizational development, employee behavior, and HR perspectives. He stressed the importance of ensuring that the organizational DNA is deeply embedded no matter where employees are working from. It is of great importance that employees can experience everything they get to from their corporate workspace no matter where they choose to work.

“For remote and hybrid working to be a success, both the employer and the employee need to be happy,” said Apalak, summarizing the need for a healthy IT infrastructure that provides great end user experience while also ensuring optimum data security.

Workspace modernization has redefined the way we work. And with it has come the need to balance multiple aspects of business. Apalak went on to discuss how VDI has helped Frost & Sullivan in navigating these challenges during the pandemic and post it.

“My champion moment is VDI,” he said. “This technology has not only helped to keep employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and data security but scale up businesses as well.”

VMware Workspace One: A Unified Solution to Multiple Challenges

“The only ask I get from the organizations I visit is, ‘How can we help make our employees work comfortably?’” Ramesh Vantipalli stated. “But behind this simple ask, there is much complexity,” he went on to add. Device management, data security, and easy access are only a few among them.

Ramesh showcased how Workspace One helps solve all these challenges. Built on the premise of Anywhere Workspace, it eliminates the silos with heterogeneous apps and devices, giving complete visibility to the IT teams of their digital workspace. “Workspace One eliminates devices, apps, and network silos and unifies all tools to help accomplish business goals,” said Ramesh, summing up what Workspace One essentially does.

Ramesh also touched upon Anunta Tech’s support during the pandemic days, where we helped VMware resolve the virtual onboarding of 2000 employees in 10 days for customers.

Digital Workspaces: The Go-To Solution

Ajit Aloz contextualized digital workspaces in today’s business world. The applications of these solutions go far beyond remote and hybrid working. With businesses expanding globally, the need to be connected at all times requires your workforce to have constant access to enterprise data anytime, anywhere.

Choosing the right digital workspace solution requires an organization to consider unhindered access to the end users and strong security and privacy measures.

“When we look at the adoption of workplace transformation solutions, the choice ultimately comes down to which solution gives your end users a personalized experience while driving business growth,” Ajit said.

The event delved deep into the organizational challenges we face with remote, and hybrid working and gave key insights into how these challenges can be turned into opportunities keeping business continuity and business success in mind.



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