How Anunta’s CSAT Score of 86% Reveals That We are a Customer Favorite

How Anunta’s CSAT Score of 86% Reveals That We are a Customer Favorite

One in three customers will leave a brand or a product after just one bad experience, according to a PwC report. When the success of most organizations these days are steered by their level of customer commitment, this seems like a very large number to lose.

To create meaningful experiences and build lasting customer relationships, it is critical for organizations to make customer-centricity a strategy as well as a culture. This is one aspect Anunta is particularly proud of – our customer-centric approach to all our engagements is woven into our culture, mission, and values.

This customer-first culture, which is an integral part of all our processes, is reflected in our overall of CSAT of more than 86% – an impressive number when you consider the market average of 71%.

To ensure that we are guided by the unbiased voice of our customers, Anunta follows a very comprehensive feedback process that covers multiple channels and includes multiple stakeholders.

Measuring Our Customers’ Satisfaction and Experiences through CSAT Feedback

Our customer satisfaction surveys gather point-in-time feedback via multiple channels from various stakeholders – from end users to CIOs – to understand their experiences and expectations.

  • Ticket-based feedback
  • In-person feedback from senior leadership team
  • Real time feedback
  • Email/IVR-based feedback post issue resolution

Ticket-based feedback is triggered at ticket resolution, where customers are asked to rate their experience with respect to the incident. This feedback survey is aimed at end users who work with virtual machines and virtual apps on a daily basis. If a user gives a rating of 1 or 2, our support team reaches out to them to understand what concerns caused them to give low ratings and what learnings we can take away from that.

The in-person feedback, collected quarterly or half-yearly, is targeted at customer IT SPOCs up to the CIOs. It covers topics such as Anunta’s technical skillset and competency, communication and approach, and overall effectiveness in account management. This is the stage where we also ask the customer SPOCs if they would recommend Anunta to their friends and colleagues, effectively running our NPS survey.

Our CSAT User Interface collects real time feedback for 10 weeks after deployment, focused on measuring the satisfaction of direct end users. Another rating-based survey, it ensures that 10% of the audience is covered every week, thus covering all end users in the 10-week period.

On every call where a fresh ticket is created, Anunta collects feedback through IVR with user consent on their experience. For lower ratings, actions are taken to mitigate the concerns.

Why Customers Love Anunta

As a trusted Managed DaaS market leader, we have continually strived to drive innovation and deliver excellence in each one of our customer engagements. From product design to delivery to support, all our processes revolve around customer needs and challenges.

Our product innovations also have customer experience at the center, helping us design unique, customized products in such a way that will give maximum value to the customers. Our products are also customizable and adaptable according to organizational requirements.

Our pro-active day 2 or post-implementation support provides uninterrupted services across geographies, covering end user, infrastructure operations control, operations governance, and relationship management.

All this, combined with our proven 99.99% application availability with 0.03 incident to user ratio, no wonder that our CSAT score is an amazing 86%.

It is this commitment to ensure that our customers do not feel experience disconnect that helped us become a pioneer in the DaaS market to earn the “Customer First” badge from Gartner Peer Insights. We have always encouraged honest and transparent feedback from our customers as we strive to deliver innovative, unique, and customized DaaS products to meet the business needs of every customer. The Customer First badge accentuates this mission and underscores our unwavering commitment to providing the best and the most innovative products to our customers. Our customers rated us an amazing 5-star on Gartner Peer Insights.

Recently, Anunta also won the CIO CHOICE 2023 award in the Desktop-as-a-Service category, making us the most trusted brand in the DaaS market. CIOs and ICT leaders nominated and voted for Anunta as their most preferred technology provider based on their own experience of working with us. Winning the CIO Choice Award elevates our position as a market leader in DaaS and showcases our strong customer focus.

Add our incredible NPS and CSAT scores to the equation, and we have a truly customer-centric virtualization technology partner who helps you effectively drive your digital workplace transformation strategies.


Maneesh Raina
Maneesh Raina

Maneesh Raina is Chief Operating Officer - Maneesh has close to three decades of functional and leadership experience in the field of IT operations, project management, and quality management. At Anunta, he has played a pivotal role in the growth of our Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360) in India by focusing on process excellence, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Before joining Anunta, Maneesh has been associated with organizations like Reliance Group of Companies, Firstsource Solutions, and Capgemini in several technical leadership and management roles. Maneesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in E&TC from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur, India.