Anunta - Cloud-based End User Computing & VDI Service Provider
Application Availability for End Users +

Application availability at 99.98% across 120,000+ endpoints and 190,000+ end-users globally

Application availability represents the productive time during which applications are accessible to end-users.

Being a recognized specialist in cloud, networking and virtualization technologies, and having worked exclusively in the EUC space since 2012, we are experienced in eliminating application brown outs and downtimes, so your end-users have access to up and running applications round the clock.

Lowest Incident to User Ratio +

Lowest incident-to-user ratios in the industry

Incident-to-user ratio represents the number of end-user incidents tagged in a month against the number of users supported in that specific month.


Industry average is 0.8 - 1.2* incidents/user/month. We achieve less than 0.3 incidents across all clients.

Fewer incidents means uninterrupted system time for end-users, resulting in improved end-user satisfaction and productivity.

* IT Key Metrics Data 2017 – Gartner Report

Identifying & Resolving Problem for better EUC Infrastructure +

Proactive issues identification and resolution

Our patented SaaS-based AIOps platform – EuVantage – enables us to identify and resolve issues proactively, resulting in seamless end-user experience and improved productivity for EUC infrastructures.

Proactive Resolution percentage is the ratio of number of potential incidents predicted and resolved before they impact the end-user.

Real-Time Visibility of the Entire Environment +

End-to-end topography mapping, and real-time visibility of the entire environment

Our patented SaaS-based AIOps platform – EuVantage – provides an integrated view of all components across the virtual desktop ecosystem, thus improving IT operations performance & infrastructure efficiency for EUC infrastructures.

Real-time End User Satisfaction Report for Enhanced System Overview +

Real-time EuSAT (End User Satisfaction) scores for enhanced system overview

Every week 10% end-users are randomly selected for taking feedback. Over a 10-week cycle feedback from all end-users using VDI is collated and shared. This cycle is then repeated to provide EuSAT scores on a continuous basis.

These weekly EuSAT scores help in taking any preventive and corrective actions, and provide a good understanding of customer satisfaction levels.

EuSAT scores are collected on a 5 point scale – Highly Satisfied (5), Satisfied (4), Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied (3), Dissatisfied (2), Highly Dissatisfied (1) – and currently sit at 83% on a week on week basis. Net Satisfaction Score (NSS) is calculated as the difference between the Promoters (top 2 rating points) and Detractors (bottom 2 rating points), on a week on week basis, and is currently at 77.