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Application availability summary +

Application availability at 99.98% across 70,000 endpoints and 100,000 end-users globally

Application availability represents the productive time during which applications are accessible to end-users.

Being a recognized specialist in cloud and virtualization technologies, and having worked exclusively in the EUC space since 2012, we are experienced in eliminating application brown outs and downtimes, so your end-users have access to up and running applications round the clock.

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Lowest incident-to-user ratios in the industry

Incident-to-user ratio represents the number of end-user incidents tagged in a month against the number of users supported in that specific month.


Industry average is 0.8 - 1.2* incidents/user/month. We achieve less than 0.3 incidents across all clients.

Fewer incidents means uninterrupted system time for end-users, resulting in improved end-user satisfaction and productivity.

* IT Key Metrics Data 2017 – Gartner Report

Proactive resolution user summary +

Proactive issues identification and resolution

Our proprietary intelligence platform – EuVantage – enables us to identify and resolve issues proactively, resulting in seamless end-user experience and improved productivity.

Proactive Resolution percentage is the ratio of number of potential incidents predicted and resolved before they impact the end-user.

Home monitoring technology +

End-to-end topography mapping, and real-time visibility of the entire environment

Our proprietary intelligence platform – EuVantage – provides an integrated view of all components across the desktop virtualization ecosystem, thus improving IT operations performance & infrastructure efficiency.

End user satisfaction +

Real-time CSAT scores for enhanced system overview

Every week 10% end-users are randomly selected for taking feedback. Over a 10-week cycle feedback from all end-users using VDI is collated and shared. This cycle is then repeated to provide CSAT scores on a continuous basis.

These weekly CSAT scores help in taking any preventive and corrective actions, and provide a good understanding of customer satisfaction levels.

CSAT scores are collected on a 5 point scale – Highly Satisfied (5), Satisfied (4), Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied (3), Dissatisfied (2), Highly Dissatisfied (1) – and currently sit at 90%+ on a week on week basis. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated as the difference between the Promoters (top 2 rating points) and Detractors (bottom 2 rating points), on a week on week basis, and is currently at 68.