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Delivering a scalable business continuity solution for a leading BPM provider

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Background & Challenges

The customer is a leading provider of customized business services across the globe has been connecting customers with the world’s most successful companies. They are committed to delivering a global network of talents, competencies, and assets. Their services help improve customer experiences by making each customer interaction simpler, faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

The Business Process Management company was establishing a workforce as ‘Work at Home Agents’ and wanted a VDI solution that could enable work from home. With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the contact center was experiencing huge volume of customer requests for different essential services.

It became an absolute necessity to quickly roll out the ‘Work from Home’ solution for the work at home agents and office employees with high application availability, high-quality voice calling, and secure work environment.

Anunta already engaged with the client IT team in designing a work from home solution, recommended a cost-effective and easily deployable solution, and implemented it for 6000+ users during the pandemic.

Business Agility and Continuity: To deal with the day-to-day management of the crisis, the company wanted a resilient framework to move faster while protecting the employees and customer interest. With massive traffic on the contact center, enabling maximum work from home was the only way to protect the well-being of the interaction experts, and ensure business continuity. The work from home solution had to be quickly set-up to accommodate the spike in customer requests and call volumes.

Information Security: As a Business Process Management company, it was crucial to ensure that the work from home agents and back-office employees access applications and data in a secure and controlled environment. Due to the ongoing situation and need for remote working, the solution had to meet the security protocols and create a complete data protected environment including “SSL end to end encryption”. It was imperative to ensure that the employees had secure access only to process specific business applications to ensure compliance.
Additionally, there was a need to ensure that the solution prevents security breaches and safeguards sensitive customer data and applications.

High dependency on Application Availability: With the changing work environment, dependency on virtual teams and remote resources was heavily increasing. Due to the heavy traffic on the contact center, the interaction experts required seamless access to applications from any device to minimize service disruptions. The voice and data applications accessed by the remote employees had to be available all the time with high performance so that there is no lag or disturbances in the audio at both ends.

Case-study Business Solution What Anunta Did

What Anunta Did

The client engaged Anunta to provide a cost-effective and scalable Virtual Desktop solution that could support its employees and enable them to work from home while ensuring high application availability with a secure work environment.

Anunta provided a solution with Microsoft WVD for 6000+ desktop users with a concurrency of 4000-5000 users.

The back-office users were provisioned with the Microsoft WVD environment to perform their day to day operations. The interaction experts were accessing VDI through Microsoft WVD SaaS portal for accessing the in house and client-hosted Voice solution on Azure for taking inbound and outbound calls with complete end to end encryption. The interaction experts are accessing chat and emails to support large enterprise-based E-Commerce Domestic and International end customers.

Windows shared with multisession and pooled desktop were provisioned for users with Microsoft WVD enabling complete isolation between the local desktop environment and virtualized environment and ensuring no data is stored at the user endpoint. The solution enabled the employees to sign into their designated profiles from anywhere using any device, at any time to perform their designated tasks.

The contact center users are provisioned with Windows 10 multisession in the WVD environment.

Anunta also provided managed services, including incident management, problem, change, and patch management, for the desktop environment, which helped the IT team focus on core business activities.

Case-study Business Solution What Anunta Did
Anunta provided a solution with Microsoft WVD for 6000+ desktop users with a concurrency of 4000-5000 users.

Value Delivered

Anunta’s solution helped the client enable business continuity at a minimal cost and enhanced security without any business disruption.


The solution was easily scalable, ensuring employee safety and quick response to the spiking demand. The client was quickly able to onboard more than 6000+ users within a short period.

High Quality

The interaction experts were able to handle the increased demand and deliver high-quality service to the customers with seamless access to business applications, especially the voice calling application.


Employees could access data and applications through devices of their choice, maintaining complete security protocols.


Anunta is a highly specialized cloud services company, focused on end-user experience management in enterprise environments. Since our inception in 2012, we have been guided by a single overarching mission – to help enterprises move to new generation End-User Computing (EUC) environments and to manage them in a way that puts end-user experience at the center of everything.

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