Simplifying business continuity & resiliency for a global BPM provider

Simplifying business continuity & resiliency for a global BPM provider
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Anunta assists a leading global business process management providerin crafting a superiornend-user experience and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Background & Challenges

The company is a leading provider of customized Business Process Management (BPM) services and are trusted custodians and long-term partners to 100+ leading brands with presence in the US, the UK, India and the Philippines. It specializes in helping customers stay ahead of the curve through transformational solutions in order to reimagine business processes and deliver increased efficiency, deeper insights and superior outcomes.

It wanted to provide a “work from home” solution that meets the stringent security requirements of its clients in order to provide its end-users with flexibility and significantly lower operational costs in managing its people resources and the ability to handle business cycles without increasing fixed costs.

The company was facing the following challenges in its endeavor to implement the work from home solution:

Security: the solution had to meet the stringent security requirements of its offshore clients and create a completely data protected environment including “no screen capture” conditions. Additionally, it also wanted to ensure that its end-users had access only to profile-specific business applications to ensure compliance and improve productivity.

Application availability: It wanted to ensure reliable delivering business applications over the Internet. It also wanted to deliver voice calls over a secured and reliable mode without compromising on the voice quality.

Remote support: The company wanted to implement remote IT Support to provide 24X7 assistance its end-users spread across all geographic locations.

What Anunta Did

Anunta architected an EUC solution that orchestrated user requirements, infrastructure and technology via its Design & Consulting service to address the company’s digital transformation objectives. It configured a Hosted Virtual Desktop environment on a cluster of high density, high availability physical servers.

Hosted Desktops were configured tightly with the company’s Group Policy settings inheriting the policy from the Microsoft Active Directory to enable role-based access to business applications from remote locations (homes). An application delivery infrastructure was developed to deliver a high- quality end-user environment using a state-of-the-art display protocol.

A clearly segmented three factor authentication VPN was implemented to handle data, storage and voice with clear demarcation. End-users would gain access to the hosted desktops only after connecting through the VPN – which would restrict any other communication from the end-users post establishment of the connection.

Voice clients mapped to the user PSTN number were configured within the hosted desktops. PSTN phone connection that are used as phone extension. The PSTN phone lines were connected to customer-owned voice switches to enable end-users to handle voice calls.

Anunta Onboarded end-users that were working from home on to the new infrastructure and conducted detailed user acceptance testing (UAT) for end-user experience and application performance. Further, it provided Smart Monitoring from its Managed Services portfolio and put in place a remote infrastructure monitoring team to enable proactive monitoring of the new virtualized infrastructure.

Over time, Anunta facilitated large-scale adoption of the new infrastructure to encompass all work from home end-users.

Value Delivered

Enhanced IT support: The company experience increased efficiency in IT support with very high visibility on the application delivery, be it at on- premise Local Area network or across work from home users accessing their virtual desktops over the Internet. Smart Monitoring ensured proactive and quicker issue identification and resolution.


Flexibility for end-users: Anunta’s solution enabled 200+ users all over UK connect to their virtual desktops from their home.


Cost reduction: The new virtualized infrastructure allowed the company to significantly reduce Capex by 30%


Improved application availability: End-user were able to access business applications seamlessly while working from home resulting in improved end-user satisfaction and productivity.