Gartner predicts that “through 2024, 60% of infrastructure and operations leaders will encounter public cloud cost overruns”. Organizations often have to face a multifaceted landscape of cloud usage and spending challenges in their cloud journey, such as:

  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Manual efforts in cloud spend and usage reporting
  • Identifying and responding to cost spikes in real-time
  • Lack of automated cost-saving recommendations

But these challenges are not without their solutions – something that this whitepaper explores in detail. The benefits offered by CloudOptimal extend across the entire organizational spectrum, from finance to IT to development and operations.

  • Streamlined efficiency and cost savings
  • Risk management and future planning
  • Understanding cloud investment and determining business impact
  • Standardized reporting, predictability and savings

Download our whitepaper to know more about how you can reduce up to 40% of your cloud spend leveraging Anunta’s CloudOptimal.

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