Desktop-as-a-Service, or DaaS, presents one of the richest business opportunities available to resellers and managed service providers today. Gartner projects that the global DaaS market will grow by 250% between 2021 and 2024.

Yet, the fact that there is a very strong demand for DaaS across a wide variety of industries doesn’t mean that delivering DaaS is a simple or straightforward task. On the contrary, planning, implementing, and supporting DaaS infrastructure present deep challenges, even for experienced IT resellers and service providers.

That’s why Anunta – which boasts of more than a decade of experience in designing and supporting virtual desktop infrastructure and DaaS environments – has developed a unique partner program for MSP businesses that want to deliver DaaS services to their own customers.

The Anunta DaaS Partner Program is purpose-built to provide resellers and managed service providers with an easy means of offering white-labeled DaaS solutions to their clients, in any industry and ensure a monthly recurring revenue stream.

To contextualize the value of the Anunta DaaS Partner Program, this whitepaper walks through the six key benefits that the program offers for resellers and service providers. As you’ll learn, capitalizing on the enormous opportunity presented by the DaaS market can be quite easy, even if you have limited experience with DaaS, or your customers have unique requirements related to desktop infrastructure.

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