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Anunta Highlights DaaS Partner Offerings at ChannelCon 2022

Anunta Highlights DaaS Partner Offerings at ChannelCon 2022

In a reflection of Anunta’s ongoing commitment to building strong relationships with partners surrounding virtual desktop solutions, the company is pleased to announce that it is participating in CompTIA ChannelCon 2022 in Chicago August 2-4.

The event, which returns ChannelCon to an in-person format for the first time since the start of the pandemic, takes place at a pivotal moment for the IT industry. The past two years have brought tremendous disruptions and shifts, such as widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work models and the need for businesses to keep budgets in check in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty.

Anunta comes to ChannelCon with a unique set of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings designed to help resellers and service providers respond to challenges like these.

VDI and DaaS, which allow businesses to replace conventional desktop infrastructure with virtual desktop sessions that are accessible 24/7 from any location, are a key solution for companies that need to give workers the option of working from home – which is part of the reason why Gartner predicts surging interest in virtual desktop solutions in the post-pandemic world.

At the same time, VDI and DaaS can deliver significant budget flexibility and cost savings. They allow businesses to replace upfront Capex investment in desktop infrastructure with an Opex model, in which they pay for virtual desktop sessions on a subscription basis. In addition, by making it possible to share virtual desktops among multiple users, eliminating the need to maintain physical desktop infrastructure and boosting employee productivity, VDI and DaaS can help companies to reduce IT operating costs substantially without compromising resource efficiency or reliability.

For all of these reasons, resellers and service providers enjoy a major opportunity at present surrounding VDI and DaaS. By offering virtual desktop services to their customers, they can capitalize on widespread demand for more flexible, lower-cost desktop solutions.

And, as Anunta will demonstrate at ChannelCon, building VDI and DaaS offerings is not difficult. Using Anunta’s DaaS Partner Program, resellers and service providers can work with Anunta to obtain DaaS design, implementation and support, which they can then sell to their own clients.

“The Anunta DaaS program provides an easy onramp for partners who want to capitalize on the DaaS market opportunity before their competitors do,” says Manvinder Sandhu, Sr. Vice President, Global Sales, Anunta Tech. “By working with Anunta, resellers and service providers can bring DaaS services to their customers immediately, without having to master DaaS technologies or develop DaaS implementation and support services on their own. Anunta provides everything partners need to get started, including not just technical resources but also DaaS sales and marketing services.”

Stop by the Anunta booth #1001 at CompTIA ChannelCon 2022 and meet with Manvinder and team to learn more about the Anunta DaaS Partner Program. Or get in touch with Anunta online at or write to

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Anunta is an industry-recognized Managed Desktop as a Service provider focused on Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360), Packaged DaaS, and Digital Workspace technology. Anunta has successfully migrated 600,000+ remote desktop users to the cloud for enhanced workforce productivity and superior end-user experience. Since its inception, Anunta has been empowering its customers globally with sustainable, secure, and scalable managed DaaS offerings for business resilience and workplace transformation. Anunta is a Top Tier partner with all the major technology OEMs (VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix) and cloud platform providers involved in virtualization technologies, particularly desktop virtualization. Anunta adds value in terms of design, onboarding, migration, and Day 2 packages by delivering cloud desktops across the most complex and varied use-cases.

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