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Sivakumar Ramamurthy

Sivakumar Ramamurthy

Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Managing Director

Sivakumar Ramamurthy (Siva) is the Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Managing Director at Anunta. In his most recent role, he has led Anunta’s innovation and growth story as the Deputy Managing Director & COO. Siva also serves on the Board at Anunta.

Siva has been instrumental in architecting customer-centric business transformation initiatives and building momentum for high growth through people initiatives and by promoting transformative technology adoption, since Anunta’s inception. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Operations at Anunta. Prior to Anunta, Siva has led several technology and leadership positions at Firstsource, a leading business process management provider.

Siva leads Anunta’s business growth and drives technology innovation in digital and workplace transformation, global business operations, and customer experience management.

He is an industry recognized and acknowledged industry thought leader and an invited speaker at leading technology and IT industry events globally.

He has led all facets of IT services and infrastructure service management and is a specialist in technologies relating to virtualization, including enterprise application delivery, storage, data center, network integration, cloud services, and remote management services.

Siva earned a master’s in project management and a degree in Physics from the prestigious Madras University.

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