EuVantage | SaaS based AIOps for Monitoring Virtualized Infrastructure

Delivering superior performance and application availability using a state of the art AIOps platform


EuVantage® is a patented SaaS-based AIOps platform for EUC infrastructures, that simplifies the management and delivery of virtualized desktops and applications, whether hosted on private or public cloud. Its unique differentiator is its analytics, the cross-domain visibility and correlation it generates and the overall end-user-centric approach which results in up to 70% reduction in Mean -Time- To- Resolution (MTTR).


Euvantage handles leading EUC Technologies
Automated discovery of application delivery components

EuVantage® enables intelligent discovery of key components which influence application performance like Network, Server, Load Balancers, Security Devices, Presentation Layer and Hypervisor. The components are then presented as an end-to-end view to the operator. EuVantage natively understands leading EUC technologies like Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer and VMware vSphere and Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud. In addition, the correlated view also includes visibility to ancillary services like Active Directory, DNS, DHCP etc. that are needed for smooth operations of virtualized desktop and application delivery. This helps IT Operations & Management teams to see potential trouble areas at a glance.

Application Delivery Infrastructure Designed for End User Demands
On-demand, end-user-centric view of the application delivery infrastructure

EuVantage®, uses a cross-domain dependency model that picks from each layer of the infrastructure stack a set of components like Application Resolution Time, Average Transaction Time, Session Information, Latency from virtualization layer, Health, Performance and Events from OS layer that most impact an end-user experience in real time. The result is an end‑user‑centric view with better insights for faster decisions reducing business implications and cost.

Euvantage has Adaptive Analysis providing Actionable Insights
Adaptive analytics and smart dashboards for actionable insights

EuVantage’s® integrated Smart Dashboards & Analytics means you no longer have to go through thousands of metrics and analyze health of the entire delivery infrastructure. What you get is the end-user-centric information that you need in real time on a single dashboard for faster business decisions saving time and cost.

Actionable Reports for better End User Performance
Actionable reports for proactive management

With EuVantage®, IT teams can proactively detect and isolate end-user performance issues before they negatively impact business and revenue. It reduces the time and operational cost involved with monitoring dynamic applications by providing both IT and the business with real time insight into application performance and its impact on user experience. It’s unique capabilities enables in managing the application performance across technologies— spanning the physical infrastructure and the private cloud, Internet, corporate networks, or application and content delivery networks — providing visibility from the data center to anywhere to any device.


Euvantage reduce MTTR by 70%

Effective root-cause analysis, reducing MTTR by 70%

EuVantage’s® core dependency model reduces the universe of elements that an operator has to deal with to solve problems by auto-curating a set of the dashboard elements that have a high impact on application performance instead of the operator having to consider every metric to locate the problem.
Euvantage Reduces Capital Expenditure

Consolidate tools to reduce CapEx

Today, incident management involves a multiplicity of tools for monitoring and isolation to resolution and remediation. EuVantage® presents IT with a single service assurance platform that allows the teams have everything in one place.
Euvantage reduces incidents reported by users

Reduction in user reported incidents

EuVantage® allows proactive resolution of incidents using synthetic transaction agents that mimic end-user transactions and reports it proactively to the IT operator, even before the end-user raises the issue with the help desk, enabling substantial saving in cost and time.
40% More Issues Resolved by Help Desk

40% increase in issues resolved by help desk

60% Reduced Alarms for Incidents

60% Reduction in alarms

70% Reduced MTTR

70% Reduction in MTTR with better visibility, improved infrastructure efficiency

70% Reduced Tickets Raised for Incidents

70% Reduction in trouble tickets

40% Reduced Captial Expenditure on Tools

40% Reduction in tool related CapEx

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