DependableWe have a decade of specialised experience in implementing and managing remote desktop solutions for top enterprises in the world.
Dependable remote desktop management

10+ years of

A decade of VDI design implementation and management of EUC environments.

Migrated 600,000+

Successfully deployed and migrated close to 600,000+ remote desktops across varied and complex use cases.

user experience

Globally, we manage close to 200,000 user desktops and have assessed and integrated over 1000 business applications.

experience lab

Where technology platforms in different environment are evaluated to ensure optimal end-user experience.


We were featured in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for Desktop as a Service 2019’ as a Managed DaaS Provider.

across industries

We have worked with customers across industries, including banking and financial services, manufacturing, travel, media, aviation, and IT.

Always-OnOur AIOps platform, EuVantage, ensures that all applications are delivered with 99.98% uptime.
Always on

Proactive Issue

Our patented SaaS-based AIOps platform, EuVantage, enables us to identify and resolve potential performance issues proactively, resulting in seamless end-user experience and improved productivity.


Anunta achieves a score of less than 0.3 on an incident to user ratio across all clients, as compared to an industry average of 0.8-1.2* incidents per user per month. Fewer incidents means more uninterrupted system time for users, which results in higher productivity.

* IT Key Metrics Data 2017, Gartner Report

issue resolution

We proactively resolve 76% of issues by using our proprietary intelligence platform.

AssistedFrom onboarding to monitoring to management of the environment, we take total control of your managed desktops.
Assisted Monitioring and management of DaaS

Complex large scale

Longstanding track record of managing complex large-scale implementations across multiple industry verticals.

ITIL aligned
post- deployment

Designed to ensure that any teething problems are quickly resolved, and you can use your virtual desktop uninterrupted.

Service desk

Single point of contact for all incidents, problem management and service requests.

Centralized Enterprise
Network Centre (ENC)

We provide round-the-clock monitoring, troubleshooting and support for IT infrastructure from our state-of-the-art network operation centres, which are equipped with full cloud-based BCP.


We conduct automated, near real-time weekly End User Satisfaction (EuSAT) surveys to measure User Experience.

SecureOur EUC solutions, adhere to ISMS framework, and are built on cloud platforms that are SOC-2, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
Secure Desktop virtualisation

ISMS Framework

Anunta follows the Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework for all our services.


Two-factor authentication and single sign-on so that only authenticated users can access relevant applications, systems or IT environments.

& compliance

Anunta’s EUC solutions are built on cloud platforms that are SOC-2, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

ISO 27001
certified for ISMS

All Anunta network operation centres are ISO 27001 certified for ISMS (Information Security Management System) and ISO 20000 certified for ITSM (IT Services Management).


We ensure proper preventive measures are taken against potential threats by following ITIL-defined processes, maintaining current knowledge of available patches and deciding what patches are appropriate for particular systems.

Customer data

Anunta does not store any customer data in compliance with the regulatory standards as per the ISMS framework.

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