Desktop Virtualization – The Key to Future Workplace

The journey towards digital workplace is about empowering users with data and applications while ensuring zero business interruption across locations and devices. Organizations need to provide a highly flexible and agile environment to users, wherein they can rapidly access data and applications specific to their work, while the IT teams seamlessly manage the backend including frequent updates and patches without any disruption to end-users. Desktop Virtualization takes a user-centric approach to securely make available data and applications on all types of devices to stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization while at the same time simplifying the backend management process for IT managers.

Desktop Virtualization is a technology that empowers end-users with a virtual computing environment across devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phone, etc.) and locations thereby delivering a consistent user experience. It ensures a secure, highly available, cost effective desktop infrastructure wherein, end-user desktops are hosted on a centralized server, while ensuring maximum control and security over access and usage of desktops by end-users.

For enterprises, Desktop virtualization offers the following benefits that support their workplace transformation strategy:

  • Device and Location Independence – When we talk about future workplace, organizations must strive to provide absolute work flexibility to their workforce. This means work must be independent of location or device. Virtualization ensures availability of user desktops across several devices and geographically spread locations enabling seamless access to data and applications. This not only helps in improving employee productivity but makes it easier to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) type policies.
  • Cost Optimization – Most transformation projects start with cost as a key metric to success. Desktop virtualization brings down the Capex investments associated with hardware refreshes. Virtualization solutions are not only cost effective on a TCO basis but can also provide opportunities to convert Capex into OpEx if required.
  • Robust Security – Most business or industry verticals are governed or regulated by stringent compliance and security protocols. Complying with all such regulations is essential for business viability, specifically for sectors like Banking & Financial Services and Healthcare. Virtualization provides a computing environment that is highly secure as all data and applications are hosted on the central server and can be monitored and managed centrally.
  • Low Energy Consumption – Since organizations are becoming more responsible and sensitive towards environment sustainability, the CXOs are also looking for alternative options for lowering power consumption. Virtualization brings down energy consumption by use of Thin Clients /Zero Clients which require a little processing power and has lower electric power and cooling requirements.

Every organization is different, and their Desktop virtualization journey is unique to their workplace environment. Desktop virtualization is not one standard size that will fit any organization. It requires a tailored approach to identify use cases, do capacity planning and consider scalability requirements in each situation. Organizations need to understand their workforce requirements and the extent of the workplace transformation they wish to achieve. Desktop virtualization implementation can be complex and challenging process for internal IT teams, and requires specialized skills to design, implement and manage. Collaborating with a full-service partner for Desktop virtualization can help ensure the benefits are delivered and workplace transformation goals achieved.

Anunta, with its deep expertise in design, implementation, and management can enable you to achieve your future workplace vision. Our expertise with virtualization technologies and a track record of transforming and managing 80,000+ endpoints across 100,000+ users for over a decade, make us the partner of choice for leading OEMs, for large, complex transformations.



Anunta is an industry-recognized Managed Desktop as a Service provider focused on Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360), Packaged DaaS, and Digital Workspace technology. We have successfully migrated 600,000+ remote desktop users to the cloud for enhanced workforce productivity and superior end-user experience.