$8mn Yearly Cost Savings Through a Strategic Migration of Virtual Infrastructure

$8mn Yearly Cost Savings Through a Strategic Migration of Virtual Infrastructure
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Engagement Overview

A financial giant with an extensive network of almost 8000 branches and close to 180,000 employees was at a technological crossroads as their once-lauded virtual infrastructure had become cost-prohibitive, impeding agile operations and remote access. Having previously engaged with Anunta, the customer was fully aware of our skills and capabilities and approached us once again for the ideal solution.

The result was a stellar 35-day migration of 16,000 + users and 15 + legacy applications with no downtime and no disruptions.

Business Use Cases Addressed

  • Cost-Efficiency: The existing virtual infrastructure was cost-prohibitive and was turning out to be financially unviable in the long run.
  • Seamless and Secure Access: Ensuring data integrity was not just a regulatory need but essential to maintain customer trust.
  • Legacy Application Compatibility: The bank’s legacy applications had complex dependencies and configurations customized for their existing environment.
  • Enhanced Security through Protection from Keylogging: Protection from keylogging, a critical component of the migration, aimed to safeguard sensitive financial and customer information from potential threats.

Solution Implementation

Anunta’s comprehensive technical assessment included a thorough analysis of the client’s existing infrastructure, legacy application requirements, and the critical need for robust security and data protection. We explored alternative technologies that align with and fulfill the client’s specific use cases, before identifying VMware Horizon as the ideal solution.

We orchestrated a seamless transition from the existing infrastructure to VMware, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth user experience. Our experts ensured the perfect seamless integration of their existing legacy applications, safeguarding critical business processes.

Key Business Outcomes

  • Rapid Deployment: An impressive 16,000users and 15 legacy applications were seamlessly migrated to VMware Horizon within a remarkably short timeframe of 35 working days.
  • Zero Downtime/Disruptions: The migration was executed flawlessly, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity throughout the process.

Cost-Effective Solution: Anunta’s optimized migration strategy and deep understanding of VMware Horizon led to significant yearly cost savings of $8 mn for the client.