Anunta’s CloudOptimal™ Empowers a Leading Bank to Achieve 40% Cloud Cost Reduction Within 2 Months

Anunta’s CloudOptimal™ Empowers a Leading Bank to Achieve 40% Cloud Cost Reduction Within 2 Months
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Engagement Overview

Faced with soaring cloud costs and a sprawling virtual infrastructure, a leading bank with 2600+ branches needed a way to optimize performance and maximize efficiency.
Anunta rose to the challenge, leveraging our expertise in managed services and cloud cost optimization. By proactively monitoring and managing the bank’s infrastructure, Anunta identified unused resources and implemented cost-saving measures.
CloudOptimal™, our SaaS platform, granted unprecedented transparency into resource utilization and cloud spend, enabling the bank to implement strategic cost-saving measures within a remarkable 2-month timeframe. This swift action resulted in a dramatic 40% reduction in cloud expenses, yielding a near-immediate saving of approximately 4600 USD.
Anunta’s ongoing optimization efforts continue to ensure that the bank’s virtual infrastructure runs smoothly and costeffectively, providing a solid foundation for their future growth.

Key Business Outcomes

Substantial Cost Savings
Harnessing the power of CloudOptimal™ for data-driven decision-making led to a remarkable 40% reduction in the client’s cloud-related expenses, delivering a substantial and measurable impact on cost savings.
Optimized Resource Utilization
Proportional adjustments and trend analysis facilitated by CloudOptimal™ enabled Anunta to align the number of logged-in users and powered-on virtual machines with actual requirements, optimizing resource utilization for enhanced efficiency.
Automated Operational Efficiency
By seamlessly automating power management processes based on insights from CloudOptimal™, Anunta achieved enhanced operational efficiency for the customer, ensuring that their resources are allocated optimally and reducing manual intervention in routine tasks.

About CloudOptimal

Anunta’s CloudOptimal™ optimizes your cloud costs by continuously monitoring and analyzing your current and historical data to forecast your future requirements. It gives you complete visibility of your complex cloud environments by providing cloud usage and cost details.
CloudOptimal™ also acts as a central repository for all your reporting needs, eliminating the necessity of using different data sources to fetch information on usage and spending. The platform makes it possible to align spending to your business quickly. Answer any cost question, drill down, zoom out, and get the most granular, context-rich intelligence — all without endless tagging.
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About Anunta

Anunta is an industry-recognized Digital Workspace solution provider focused on Enterprise DaaS, Packaged DaaS, and Digital Workspace technology.
We have successfully migrated 600,000+ remote desktop users to the cloud for enhanced workforce productivity and superior end user experience.