Delivering process efficiency for a bank’s Contact Center

Delivering process efficiency for a bank’s Contact Center
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Anunta’s assists a large bank unlock productivity, innovation, and business value through desktop virtualization.

Background & Challenges

The client is one of the largest private sector bank serving retail, commercial, consumer, and corporate banking segments. The bank’s existing IT infrastructure was struggling to cope with new business challenges and evolved ways of working.

The bank was deliberating over transformation levers to achieve the next level of growth. The need for a resilient, agile, and secure desktop infrastructure was imminent. The breaking point for the bank came when it lost access to one of its main offices owing to a delay in regulatory approval. The crisis was the last straw for the bank as it embarked on the journey to modernize its desktop infrastructure to allow its workforce to work from home or any other location.

The client, buoyant by the support provided by Anunta and the expected benefits of virtualization technology, wanted to create the next-generation desktop infrastructure that would help it achieve the following business objectives.

Performance expectations: Implement high performance, personalized, and lag-free virtual desktops for the bank with high application availability.

Regulatory compliance: Leverage the inherent security benefits of virtualization technology to transition to an always available, always secure, and always compliant desktop infrastructure.

Workforce requirements: Adopt location-agnostic remote desktop infrastructure for the geographically diversified workforce operating from headquarters and various bank branches.

Business needs: Embrace a scalable and agile desktop infrastructure to aid the firm’s multifold growth strategy (organic and inorganic).

What Anunta Did

Anunta implemented an end-to-end Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) comprising persistent, non-persistent, hosted shared, and remote desktops. The existing VoIP systems were replaced with a fully managed VDI solution, with integrated voice and data capabilities to improve application availability & performance.

Multiple solutions around cloud-based VDI, smart monitoring, automation, disaster recovery, and network management within managed services construct were employed. Anunta leveraged its deep domain expertise and technical prowess to create personalized user desktops by customizing various user group parameters such as support SLAs, active directory policies, network routing schemes, and profile images.

Anunta also replaced the struggling incumbent of the merged entity to standardize the VDI estate and ensure seamless amalgamation with the client’s environment.

Value Delivered

The bank was able to transition and modernize its contact center to a virtual desktop environment which simplified IT operations & management.


User Productivity: 80% reduction in incident-to-user ratios and 54% reduction in mean time to resolution


Business Agility: 85% reduction in power consumption compared to desktops.


IT Efficiency: 90% reduction in effort associated with software deployment.