Facilitating large scale Cloud Migration for a leading Business Process Management provider

Facilitating large scale Cloud Migration for a leading Business Process Management provider
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Assisting a leading BPM provider adopt public cloud and migrate their workloads from on-premises setup to VMware Cloud on AWS

Background & Challenges

The customer is a leading provider of customized Business Process Management (BPM) services and are trusted custodians and long-term partners to 100+ leading brands with presence in the US, the UK, India and the Philippines. It specializes in helping customers stay ahead of the curve through transformational solutions in order to reimagine business processes and deliver increased efficiency, deeper insights and superior outcomes.

The BPM provider wanted to adopt public cloud and move some of the user workloads from on-premises to cloud for its users connecting from home and hospital network but were facing the following challenges:
  • The customer had datacenters at Louisville, Lyndon, and Colorado in the US hosting VDI and Server infrastructure and accessed by 2,500 users in the Healthcare and Mortgage domains with a peak concurrency of 890 users.
  • The maintenance and management of this distributed and legacy infrastructure was tedious, time-consuming, and expensive
  • The data centers had space constraints and the customer wanted to do an infrastructure and technology refresh for their data centers
  • Accessing the heavy business applications over the existing network clogged bandwidth
  • The existing on-premise setup required heavy maintenance for business continuity activities and was not HIPAA compliant.
  • The client had to make significant investments to obtain the healthcare regulatory compliance certification.

What Anunta Did

Anunta recommended VMware Cloud on AWS and architected a secure end-to-end managed cloud desktop solution as the customer was already using VMware Hypervisor so that the migration is seamless and to leverage existing enterprise security, governance, and operational policies, while extending the scalability and security offered by AWS. The Horizon VDI and server workload sizing (core, memory, and storage) was optimized for improved efficiency and performance and VPN was proposed for faster connectivity to cloud.

Anunta also recommended using VMware HCX for live migration and zero downtime.

The virtual machines were replicated on VMware Cloud on AWS while remaining online in on-premises environment, ensuring real-time migration of workload with minimal downtime and data-replication.
Following the success of this implementation, the customer engaged Anunta for setting up more nodes. Till date Anunta has implemented 37 nodes in FY 20-21 over 24 nodes in FY 19-20.

Value Delivered

  • Adopting the cloud desktop solution on VMware Cloud on AWS saved considerable effort on facility set-up and maintenance.
  • The automated Disaster Recovery (DR) in the cloud solution reduced the DR requirements that otherwise entailed a high maintenance cost.

2500+ Users

Anunta helped the customer migrate the workloads of 2500+ users to cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS.

$50K Savings

The solution met the necessary compliance requirements and allowed the customer to save around $50K p.a. for HIPAA certification.

Zero Capex

The pay as you go model allowed the BPM provider to eliminate the upfront capex involved in hardware refresh and software.