Improving end-user productivity for a leading energy utility provider

Improving end-user productivity for a leading energy utility provider
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Assisting a leading energy utility provider in migration to VMware Horizon on Azure to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Background & Challenges

The customer is one of the largest multinational utilities companies with presence in the US and the UK. It delivers electricity, natural gas, and clean energy to more than 20 million people through its networks in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast and also deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain.

The customer wanted to provide its end-users secure access to business-critical applications and data, but was struggling with the following challenges:

  • The customer was facing productivity loss with their current virtual machine infrastructure.
  • Due to degradation of the VM performance and the service unavailability, the users were unable to perform efficiently.
  • Additionally, the customer wanted to reduce the infrastructure costs as all the users were using dedicated desktops.
  • The customer wanted to provide a secure and scalable solution to their developers and call center users.

What Anunta Did

Anunta designed a cloud hosted desktop solution on Horizon Cloud that would not only transform the way the end-users would access business critical applications but address its security and compliance challenges as well.

The team identified and validated the potential use cases and user profiles. Anunta completed the Azure prerequisite configuration, deployed Horizon Cloud Service POD on the Azure infrastructure. Following this, Windows 10 OS was imported, the base image was fine-tuned for enhanced performance and Workspace One Access, App Volumes and DEM were configured. The images were published for single session and multi session Windows 10. Post user acceptance test, Anunta migrated the users to Azure environment.

As an extra mile effort Anunta also extended support to the customer’s IT team in incident and problem management

Value Delivered

  • The solution provided the users with seamless access to enterprise applications which improved their productivity.
  • The adoption of Cloud desktops on Horizon Cloud on Azure enabled the customer to scale their infrastructure on-demand with ease, resulting in optimal utilization of resources.


The customer was on the verge of decommissioning the project due to frequent issues with the infrastructure. Anunta ensure a stable cloud environment enhancing offshore user productivity by 30%.


Anunta assisted the company in migrating 50% of its offshore users on cloud facilitating smooth adoption and trouble-free transition experience to end users without any business disruption.


The developers and the call center users were successfully and seamlessly migrated to Azure with zero session drops. This allowed the customer to reduce costs on infrastructure by 30% as it enabled the IT team to turn off any unused hosts.