Enabling secure and scalable remote working solution for a global BPM provider

Enabling secure and scalable remote working solution for a global BPM provider
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Anunta provides remote working solution using cloud desktops on Horizon on Azure for secure and seamless accessibility and business continuity.

Background & Challenges

The customer is a global leader in business process management (BPM) with 42000+ employees across 72 delivery centers in seven countries. The customer focuses on optimizing the customer experience lifecycle by combining technology-powered services in automation, analytics, and digital.

The customer was struggling to provide seamless accessibility to enterprise applications due to the impact of pandemic as its workforce were forced to work from home.

The customer wanted to add 5000 new users to remote working environment across multiple geographies but was struggling with the following challenges:

  • Existing IT infrastructure was not equipped for remote working environment.
  • Ensuring business continuity for distributed workforce and minimizing the impact on productivity.
  • Setting up a new VDI environment for additional users in one of the business hubs in the Philippines for remote working.
  • Rapid scalability issues in the existing cloud infrastructure which was unable to scale beyond 500 users.
  • Reducing costs associated with adoption of secure, stable and scalable cloud desktop solution.

What Anunta Did

Anunta helped customer in transitioning from existing infrastructure to VMware Horizon on Azure – from on-premises (Philippines), and public clouds in Canada and India to Horizon Cloud on Azure. The custom Horizon Cloud infrastructures and respective DR set-ups were created for the three geographies in less than 24 hours and the business continuity sites were set up with multiple VPN connectivity to physical datacenters to improve voice quality, which was not in place earlier. Anunta built the new Microsoft Azure Subscription from ground Zero and integrated VMware Horizon Cloud, thus migrating all users in Canada. The migration of 800 users was smoothly completed from windows roaming profile to VMware DEM. Post business sign off, the customer also added 500 users during Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020. The migration was carried out in phases starting with Canada and Philippines and India subsequently.

Anunta helped the customer migrate more than 5000 new users to Horizon Cloud for remote working in less than a week in the three geographies.

The success of the engagement led to multiple new engagements with the customer for their US and Jamaica regions.

Value Delivered

Anunta’s solution allowed users to seamlessly access the enterprise applications from their homes, with the same experience as in office premises. By adding predefined settings for voice application on cloud, the voice quality improved resulting in enhanced customer service experience. Effectively demonstration of high business value offered by Horizon on Azure value led to moving away from Citrix infrastructure.


The employees’ performance and productivity were increased by 50% as they were able to connect from home with no voice related issues or performance lag.


The solution allowed customer to save 25% on costs associated with cloud adoption.

< 1 Week

The customer was able to onboard 5000+ users to cloud within 1 week.

“As a business process management services provider, our employees, clients and their customers are at the heart of everything we do. The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges for the world and businesses. Our objective was to continue high-quality customer delivery and satisfaction while keeping our employees’ safety in mind. Anunta helped us ensure business continuity by migrating our workloads to a safe and scalable remote working model using VMware Horizon on Azure, while providing our employees secure access and seamless availability of the work environment and enhancing their productivity.”

President & Global CTO – Global BPM Service Provider