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EuVantage for VMware Cloud on AWS

EuVantage for VMware Cloud on AWS

  • October 17, 2019
  • Austin, Texas

Anunta’s EuVantage provides customers with simplified management and delivery of virtualized desktops and applications by providing cross-domain visibility across the virtualization stack.

Anunta Tech, Inc. (Anunta), today announced that its patented SaaS based AIOps platform, EuVantage® is now available to customers of VMware Cloud™ on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS brings together VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software and elastic, bare-metal infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give organizations consistent operating model and application mobility for private and public cloud. EuVantage® delivers analytics-based end-user centric cross-domain visibility and correlation to customers of VMware Cloud on AWS.

EuVantage® is a patented SaaS-based AIOps platform for End User Computing infrastructures that simplifies the management and delivery of virtualized desktops and applications, whether hosted on private or public cloud. Its unique differentiator is its analytics, the cross-domain visibility and correlation it generates and the overall end-user-centric approach, which results in up to 70% reduction in Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR). EuVantage provides on-demand, end-user-centric view of the application delivery infrastructure, adaptive analytics and smart dashboards for actionable insights, and actionable reports enabling proactive management.

“Since our inception, Anunta has been focused on designing and implementing solutions that enhance end-user productivity. Unlike traditional IT companies which talk in the language of data centers, networks, devices and measure performance by device uptimes and incident response times, our EUC solutions focus solely on the availability of business applications for the end-user, ” said Vinod Jeychandran, CTO, Anunta. “Our Managed Solutions are powered by EuVantage®, which simplifies management of complex enterprise infrastructures with thousands of moving parts, and allows customers to focus on innovation and serve their customers better while witnessing improved application availability and end-user productivity at significantly reduced costs, ” he further added.

VMware Cloud on AWS technology partners enables customers to deploy the same proven solutions seamlessly in both the public and private cloud. VMware simplifies the deployment and eliminates the need for partners to refactor solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS. If a partner solution works on-premises in a VMware vSphere® environment, it will easily support VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware technology partners complement and enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS service and enable customers to realize new capabilities.

“VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering that gives customers the SDDC experience from the leader in private cloud, running on the leading public cloud provider, AWS,” said Kristen Edwards, Director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware. “Solutions such as Anunta’s EuVantage® enable IT teams to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and create operational consistency across cloud environments. We’re excited to work with partners such as Anunta, to enhance native VMware Cloud on AWS capabilities and empower customers with flexibility and choice in solutions that can drive business value.”

About VMware Cloud on AWS

Delivered, sold and supported by VMware and its channel partners as an on-demand service, and running on elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure, VMware Cloud on AWS is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation™, the unified SDDC platform that integrates vSphere, VMware vSAN™ and VMware NSX® virtualization technologies. With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly derive business value from use of the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience. For more information on the VMware Cloud on AWS partner ecosystem, visit:

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About Anunta

Anunta is a leading provider of End-User Computing (EUC) solutions that help enterprises address today’s application delivery challenges by migrating from traditional client-server architecture to a unified desktop and application services environment. Our solutions are focused on simplifying IT and maximizing performance and availability at the user end, at an optimum cost. Our deep domain expertise of virtualization technologies and a track record of transforming and managing 80,000+ endpoints across 120,000+ users for over a decade, make us the partner of choice for leading OEMs, for large, complex transformations. Anunta is a Red Herring Top 100 Global company and is ISO 20000 certified for ITSM and ISO 27001 certified for ISMS.

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