MaxiDent Software Achieves 99.98% Application Availability and 99% Uptime with Anunta’s Packaged DaaS

MaxiDent Software Achieves 99.98% Application Availability and 99% Uptime with Anunta’s Packaged DaaS
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Needing to keep pace with their customers’ growing requirement to support distributed workforces and improve their existing 65-67% application uptime, MaxiDent Software approached Anunta for support. With Anunta’s Packaged DaaS, MaxiDent recorded a significant boost to their application performance and uptime. Now, the non-accessibility of applications is almost zero a month.

The Journey Towards Desktop Virtualization

When the business world pivoted to accommodate anywhere work, Alex Zlatin, CEO of MaxiDent Software, felt that his company needed to up their game to better serve his customers. As a provider of desktop healthcare applications to dental clinics, loading the applications on the customer workstations was all that was necessary back then. But not anymore.

“Businesses are evolving,” says Alex. “Now healthcare workers drive to patient locations. There are mobile hygienists. And everyone needs to access our applications on any device over any network.”

Alex and his team had to ensure not just seamless application accessibility but high uptime as well. This was not an alien issue for MaxiDent Software.

In 2014, Alex and his team had moved their workload to the cloud to ensure that their customers could seamlessly access their applications. But unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly, and they encountered problems.

“The cloud IT infrastructure was extremely unstable,” says Alex. “Gateways would crash, and active directories would be unreachable.”

Then in 2018, MaxiDent took a leap and moved all their users to Azure cloud because their existing infrastructure kept logging their customers out. It seemed like a smarter move. But even though it was an improvement, it still didn’t completely address their challenges.

They encountered roadblocks like unresponsive remote desktop clients, which, with the lack of in-house technical experts, took an enormous amount of time to resolve. It seemed that Alex and his team had once again reached a frustrating standstill.

Adopting DesktopReady

“When I was about to give up, I received a webinar invite from Anunta,” recalls Alex. The webinar covered all the challenges MaxiDent was facing currently and demonstrated how Anunta’s Packaged DaaS offering (DesktopReady) could effectively solve all of them.

What impressed Alex was how, during the webinar, the Anunta SME hardly ever delved into complex technical jargon. Instead, they managed to break down the use cases, solutions, and the value they brought in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. This allowed him to understand how DesktopReady will specifically help MaxiDent. “They were so accurate with the answers that I was convinced that this is something I could explore,” says Alex.

Intrigued, Alex reached out to Anunta. Impressed by how easy it was to implement and use, Alex embarked on a proof-of-concept project, which turned out to be very successful.

Once onboarded, Anunta used pooled resources in DesktopReady to segregate the different MaxiDent Software versions and user groups. Each shared drive, which contained specific folders of client details and software versions, was mapped to the specific user groups, ensuring user group segregation.

“There is a lot of flexibility in how the solution is architected,” explains Alex. “This ensures that sensitive information such as ours is properly segregated between the users. This means we can share resources, but users of Clinic A will not have access to the data of Clinic B. This fulfils a regulatory compliance with patient data privacy.”

Anunta also implemented a simple test case scenario with a few software versions, after which the AVD setup was handed over to MaxiDent to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure that the required privacy level requirements are met for health records.

The first phase of the UAT was met with tremendous success. Application performance had a significant boost compared to the previous infrastructure, and Anunta implemented the solution for the rest of the users.

Once all users were migrated to DesktopReady, Anunta transitioned the project to the Day 2 phase to provide 24/7 post implementation support.

DesktopReady Benefits: A Change for the Better

MaxiDent had experienced limited support from their previous tech partners prior to their engagement with Anunta. Even though MaxiDent was responsible for maintaining the smooth functioning of their own applications, the integration with the infrastructure always raised challenges. And the support they received from their previous tech partners was always limited strictly to the IT infrastructure.

This is where, Alex says, he saw a stark difference with Anunta.

“Previously, the onus of getting our issues resolved was on us,” he says. “There was no ownership from our partners. But with Anunta, there is end-to-end ownership and a complete understanding of our applications. The biggest difference between Anunta and our previous partners is that there is committed collaboration to make it work. Anunta never acts like just a middleman.”

Some of the benefits MaxiDent experienced with DesktopReady are:

Uninterrupted Application Availability

MaxiDent customers can access their applications seamlessly from anywhere and on any device now. While previously this was one of their most pressing challenges, MaxiDent customers now experience 99.98% application availability.

High Uptime

One of the weakest points in the past was application uptime, with users getting logged out frequently. Customers now experience an uptime of 99%.

24/7 Technical Support

Issue resolution used to be a long and complicated process for MaxiDent in the past, with resolution taking at least 4-5 days, and sometimes not at all. Anunta provides 24/7 technical support to MaxiDent, with impressive turnaround time for issue resolution.

Easy Customer Onboarding

DesktopReady has made customer onboarding a seamless process for MaxiDent. According to Alex, it now takes 5 times less time than before.

Cost Optimization

Another important advantage MaxiDent experiences with DesktopReady is that it is priced at an affordable range, making it ideal for small and medium businesses.

Alex mentions an interesting fact while he talks about the value DesktopReady and the Anunta team have been able to deliver. Prior to his engagement with Anunta, when he wasn’t able to find the ideal solution to his business challenges, he had wondered whether he would have to close down one entire line of business. “I cannot deliver something subpar to my customers,” says Alex. “I cannot offer a cloud solution with an uptime of 60%. I was about to shut down a business line worth an annual revenue of CAD 200,000.”

Today, Alex is a very happy customer. Having moved on from his troubled experiences with previous partners, he can now focus on his actual business goals instead of spending time on operational issues.

“For companies like us,” he says, “we either need partners who will do it for us or have an easy-to-manage platform which will enable us to do it ourselves. Anunta’s solution is exactly what we need, where we want to deliver a solution, but we have a missing link between our clients’ needs and what we are able to deliver. As a customer, I have always felt that the partner I have chosen has the same goal as we do. It is a refreshing experience.”

“Anunta provided exceptional customer service during onboarding and migration. Their proactive approach ensured quick turnarounds and transparent communication. I feel like a valued partner, confident that Anunta shares our goals and supports us effectively. Their strong ownership, understanding of our needs, and collaborative approach always leads to successful resolutions. I highly recommend Anunta to any organization facing similar challenges.”

Alex Zlatin
CEO, MaxiDent Software