Enabling a secure, scalable digital workplace for a multinational energy and utility company

Enabling a secure, scalable digital workplace for a multinational energy and utility company
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Anunta builds a reliable and secure IT infrastructure for a multinational energy and utility company to leverage limitless security and backup options, while ensuring cost optimization and great employee experience.

Background & Challenges

The client is a multinational electricity and gas utility company, operating primarily in the US and the UK. In the UK, the company serves a population of 18 million and in the US, around 3.3 million. They deliver electricity and gas safely and reliably to communities, while working towards a cleaner, greener energy future.

The client wanted to transform their existing virtual infrastructure because it was nearing end-of-life. With their existing IT infrastructure, they were struggling to provide seamless accessibility to enterprise applications to their branches across the US and UK. They also wanted to create a resilient data backup strategy to protect their data in case of emergencies.

Anunta undertook a digital transformation project, by migrating their existing infrastructure to Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Scaling: The existing IT infrastructure provided limited scaling options for the customer, which made it difficult for them to handle sudden fluctuations in demand.

Data back-up: With limited in-built backup options, the customer was at the risk of facing data loss during crises.

Third-party integrations: The current infrastructure offered limited options for third-party integrations.

Fixed cost: The existing vendor did not provide flexible pricing, for. e.g., there was no option of a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

What Anunta Did

Anunta’s approach involved assessment and design, followed by implementation, migration, and post-implementation support. Anunta architected a complete end-to-end transformation project by migrating the existing infrastructure to Horizon Cloud on Azure. The initiation, implementation, and migration were done for 5895 users across four HZCoA sites (2 in US and 2 in UK).

The VMware Horizon Cloud solution was deployed in a hybrid model spread between Azure Cloud Data Center and VMware Horizon Cloud Data Center. Anunta created new Microsoft Azure Subscription from ground zero and integrated VMware Horizon Cloud, migrating completely from the existing infrastructure.

Anunta also provided end-to-end Day 2 support for migrated users to effectively manage the infrastructure post migration.

Value Delivered


47% increase in user base after 6 months


Consistent uptime of 99.99% leading to seamless access to applications


Reduction in user incident ratio from 0.12 to 0.07, leading to 50% in employee productivity


35% savings on capex for IT teams