Improving productivity and IT efficiency to support BYOD initiatives for a global power engine manufacturer through app virtualization

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Anunta enables a global power engine manufacturing company to leverage the benefits of an evolving technology and app virtualization for greater IT efficiency.

Background & Challenges

The client is a global leader in designing and manufacturing power generation products serving customers across industries. Employing around 60,000 people with a vast network of around 600 distributors and 7200 dealers, the client sells in approximately 190 countries.

The client engaged Anunta to enhance their IT efficiency through application virtualization, which would in turn, improve productivity and help them implement BYOD initiatives for anywhere access to work. The client also wanted to leverage the benefits of a single vendor on support, reduce their IT burden, and enjoy interoperability of applications.

After conducting a detailed assessment of the client requirements, Anunta designed the ideal solution to migrate 2700 applications from their existing infrastructure to Workspace One UEM (VMware) for 65,000 users.

IT Efficiency: Enhance IT efficiency by deploying and managing all applications centrally, and automatically installing and updating software and patches.

Cost Optimization: Ensure cost optimization by reducing infrastructural requirements, utilizing IT resources optimally, reducing overall capex cost.

Interoperability: Establish interoperability of applications by shifting to a uniform platform to leverage the benefits of single vendor support.

End User Productivity: Enhance end user productivity by providing effortless, secure, and role-based access to critical applications.

What Anunta Did

Anunta undertook an extensive analysis to identify the client requirements, check the priority of applications, and map application dependencies. Based on the assessment findings, Anunta executed a customized solution leveraging Workspace One UEM and Horizon Cloud on Azure for each part of the engagement.

It was a phased migration strategy based on the priority and criticality of applications as well as application dependencies. Anunta continually monitored and tracked the client’s requirement modifications to execute a flawless migration.

Value Delivered

Greater IT Efficiency

  • Simplified IT management: Easy app installation and updates across devices
  • Greater security: Centrally managed access restrictions
  • Seamless scalability: Deployment of apps to all devices irrespective of OS and storage
  • Platform uniformity: Single vendor support leading to seamless interoperability

Cost Optimization

  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Decreased energy expenditure
  • Overall reduction in TCO

Enhanced End User Experience

  • Anywhere accessibility to critical apps
  • Effortless, role-based access to apps
  • Improved application performance