How Anunta Helped a Leading BPM Service Provider in Their Strategic Growth and Expansion

How Anunta Helped a Leading BPM Service Provider in Their Strategic Growth and Expansion

Delivering great client experiences requires industry expertise and focused strategies. But when the industries you serve span across healthcare, finance, edtech, banking, and a lot more, ensuring great experiences for your clients is no longer straightforward.

One of our oldest customers, a global business process management service provider, is one such organization that excels at simplifying complex business processes of clients across industry.

Committed to elevating their clients’ experiences at every interaction, the BPO partnered with Anunta in 2011, a journey that continues to this day.

Building a Flexible Workplace with Desktop Virtualization

One of the very first customers of Anunta, when they entered the BPO industry, they wanted to reduce the dependency on their local IT team and create a highly flexible workplace for their workforce. We helped them adopt desktop and server virtualization, starting with a pilot of 500 users being migrated to a centralized virtual infrastructure. This successful desktop virtualization adoption enabled their workforce to work from any branch on any device to provide uninterrupted support to their clients.

With a distributed IT infrastructure and multiple in-house teams, vendors, and geographically distributed employees, the BPO giant wanted a cost-effective means of remotely managing their IT landscape, the rising cost of which was becoming a global concern. Partnering with Anunta, they were able to reduce this cost by an incredible 40%. Added to this, they were able to enhance user productivity and user experience with the increase in uptime that was a result of our proactive monitoring tool, EuVantage.

Adopting New Technologies to Ensure Superior Client Experience

With evolving client requirements and expectations, the business process management service provider had to adapt seamlessly to the new technologies and leverage them efficiently to ensure superior client experiences. IT outage was not a luxury they could afford in their commitment to provide only the best to their clients.

One of the major projects we partnered with them in 2017 was migrating their telephony platform across two sites from one vendor to another. Anunta’s pivotal role in identifying the right vendor and providing the best support during implementation played a significant role in helping the BPO leader deliver and follow through with their client commitments.

By the end of 2017, Anunta was managing close to 15,000 end points for our customer.

Consolidating Core Data Centers and Enabling Technology Integration

The growth of our customer was exponential since inception. Their strategic organizational goals involved multiple acquisitions, which led to complex IT management. In a bid to simplify their IT management, once again, Anunta was their trusted partner.

In 2018, we helped them consolidate their different data centers to enable centralized management of their disparate IT. Consolidating multiple data centers into one streamlined the customer’s IT administration and reduced infrastructure costs.

A few of the acquired companies had proprietary business applications and legacy IT infrastructure. Anunta undertook an end-to-end technology migration project, ensuring a reliable, modern IT infrastructure to better serve the needs of the end users and clients.

By the time we closed 2018, Anunta was handling more than 22,000 end points for our customer.

Setting Up New Centers and Expanding Their Cloud Presence

In their era of business expansion, our customer had to set up new centers to accommodate additional headcount. Once again, they teamed up with Anunta in their expansion activities, with our team of experts providing design and capacity management to ensure that they achieve TCO benefits with the new centers.

With the growing business, the maintenance and management of their on-prem infrastructure was tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Accessing heavy business applications over the existing network clogged bandwidth, which meant that business continuity activities would take a hit. So, when the customer wanted to move their workload from on-prem to cloud to modernize their legacy servers and refresh their technology, Anunta once again rose to the challenge to transform employee experience across locations.

Anunta architected a secure end-to-end managed solution and migrated virtual machines for more than 1000 users and 200 servers.

When 2022 ended, Anunta was managing more than 35,000 end points for the customer.

The Business Outcomes from the Engagement Though Numbers

With 99.95% availability of business-critical applications, the customer was able to achieve a 90% customer satisfaction score.

The customer also experienced an 18% improvement in infrastructure and services which increased agent productivity. Added to this, they recorded 35% reduction in infra and telecom management cost and 30% reduction in capex.

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with one of the leading business process management service providers and how we played a part in their growth story, check out the customer success stories below.



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