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Hosted Virtual Desktops

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD), is a virtualization technology where a desktop operating system is delivered as a virtual machine on cloud to which a single user connects remotely, where one user’s desktop is not impacted by another user’s desktop configurations. HVD comes in multiple flavors – existing, installed, pooled, dedicated and streamed – from which one can choose the best suitable one.

Our longstanding experience of implementing HVD solutions from leading OEMs such as Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon , and cross domain expertise across server, storage, network, and endpoints ensures that you get a complete HVD solution designed and built to your exact requirements.

HVD is ideal when:

  • You have power users who need access to multiple applications that eat up significant CPU resources.
  • You have users who need a highly customizable desktop environment.

HVD deployments:

  • Enable desktops to share the same image between them, decreasing costs.
  • Allow usage of thin clients or mobile devices instead of powerful PCs resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Simplify OS management and help desk support services.
  • Facilitate data security.

With HVD technology you won’t have to:

  • Worry whether a proof of concept or a pilot would actually scale up.
  • Guess about the compatibility of your applications with virtualization.
  • Deal with print jobs eating up precious WAN bandwidth.
  • Worry about latency and jitter impacting application performance.
  • Struggle with the right balance between flexibility or accessibility vs. stability or security.
  • Worry about complex licensing requirements.

Customer Impact:

One of India’s leading banks wanted to make its treasury operations more efficient without compromising on stability, reliability and speed. It needed fault tolerant, speedy access to core treasury applications and always on high speed connection to stock markets for its Treasury department, as any delays during trading hours could result in losses to the tune of millions of dollars.

Being an experienced provider of virtualization techonologies, Anunta designed, built and managed an HVD solution for the treasury front office comprising of persistent and non-persistent HVD images that allowed users uninterrupted access to mission critical business applications.

Post deployment of the HVD solution:
  • End-User availability increased by 13%.
  • Transaction time reduced by 1/9th because of dip in bandwidth requirement.
  • Integration with treasury department of an acquired Bank completed within 24 hours.

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