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A leading US healthcare organization provide its end-users with secure and flexible access to applications and data on Cloud using Anunta’s expertise.
One of the world’s largest utilities companies provides its offshore end-users with access to applications on the Cloud with Anunta’s assistance.
Anunta helps a leading healthcare provider deploys Windows 10 on the Cloud.
Anunta successfully onboards California’s state government operations agency to the Cloud – enables seamless access to applications and improving end-user experience.
Anunta enables anytime anywhere working for India’s top private sector bank.
Anunta designs a highly secure work from home solution for a leading global business process management provider.
Anunta enables a leading global professional services company transform its traditional IT infrastructure to the Cloud, and significantly improve end-user experience and productivity, while reducing operational costs.
Anunta powers core banking functions for India’s leading private sector bank with desktop virtualization solutions enabling improved end-user performance while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Anunta’s desktop virtualization solutions helps a leading bank cut cost of application delivery by 25% and allow it to rapidly scale its operations with zero business interruption.
Anunta simplifies IT management and enhances end-user applications availability at one of India’s largest media groups.
Anunta drives workplace transformation for India’s top private sector bank by enabling anytime, anywhere and any device computing.
Anunta®, one of Citrix's top Managed Services Partner, uses its unique offering - ADaaS® (Application Delivery as a Service) to provide clients with a cloud enabled application delivery infrastructure, that comes with a guarantee on end-user performance.
One of India’s top Insurance company adopts Azure Hosted Virtual Desktops.
Anunta scales user adoption of desktop virtualization for one of India’s largest media groups.
Anunta assists India’s leading private sector bank to scale user adoption of desktop virtualization solutions across a variety of unique use cases.