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A leading US healthcare organization provide its end-users with secure and flexible access to applications and data on Cloud using Anunta’s expertise.
One of the world’s largest utilities companies provides its offshore end-users with access to applications on the Cloud with Anunta’s assistance.
Anunta helps a leading healthcare provider deploys Windows 10 on the Cloud.
Anunta successfully onboards California’s state government operations agency to the Cloud – enables seamless access to applications and improving end-user experience.
Anunta powers core banking functions for India’s leading private sector bank with desktop virtualization solutions enabling improved end-user performance while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Anunta’s desktop virtualization solutions helps a leading bank cut cost of application delivery by 25% and allow it to rapidly scale its operations with zero business interruption.
Anunta simplifies IT management and enhances end-user applications availability at one of India’s largest media groups.
Anunta®, one of Citrix's top Managed Services Partner, uses its unique offering - ADaaS® (Application Delivery as a Service) to provide clients with a cloud enabled application delivery infrastructure, that comes with a guarantee on end-user performance.