Customized Cloud Environment for Leading Healthcare Provider

Anunta helps a leading healthcare provider deploy Windows 10 on the Cloud.


An integrated and largest managed US healthcare provider dedicated to improving the health of its members and the communities wanted to overhaul its existing IT infrastructure and move to the Cloud to enable real-time decision making.


The healthcare provider was facing major challenges with its on-premises setup that impacted the overall IT cost and performance. It wanted to deploy Windows 10 on Cloud but lacked necessary skills and technical knowhow to setup and manage the Cloud environment that resulted in major issues and project delays.


Anunta worked with the company’s IT team and the onsite Cloud provider’s team to customize a Cloud environment as per its regulatory and compliance requirements. Anunta’s intelligent approach for TRO (security testing) marked with clearly defined milestones convinced the company that Cloud technology is the right solution to fulfil its requirement.

Benefits Realisation:

With the right partner to implement their Cloud strategy, the provider is moving ahead with Cloud testing.

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