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Anunta Azure Onboarding Service

Why Anunta’s Azure Onboarding Service (AOS) package?

You are planning to set up your desktop in the cloud by purchase Horizon Cloud license from VMware and use storage and compute capacity from your existing Azure account. You need to think about the onboarding process, which might sound straightforward, but involves a number of micro configuration which needs to be managed by you. An improperly executed onboarding process can eventually lead to a host of teething issues that impact end-user experience and productivity and can affect the success of your DaaS project itself. Furthermore, as your billing starts as soon as capacity is provisioned, improperly onboarded infrastructure can mean a waste of money.

Anunta’s AOS package ensures end-to-end management of your transition carried out by acknowledged experts in cloud and virtualization. The AOS package not only covers the full onboarding process but you also enjoy, as a part of the package, 30-days Post-deployment Day-2 support that provides you with access to Anunta’s technical know-how, tools and technology to ensure efficient operation of your DaaS environment.

Benefits of Anunta’s AOS package:

  • End-to-end and single point responsibility ensures smooth adoption of virtualized workspaces.
  • Comprehensive nature of the onboarding process ensures minimal teething problems post onboarding.

Get Anunta’s AOS package to experience seamless onboarding of your end-users to Azure.