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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Financial Services

Financial services enterprises face the need to transform rapidly and regularly to meet changing business priorities. To adapt to changing workforce models, comply with stringent regulations, and meet user expectations, financial services enterprises need a modern and secure end-user computing solution. Anunta has been the trusted advisor for top financial services companies in India and the US, looking to build next-generation solutions that are resilient, secure, and scalable.

Anunta’s Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360), designed for larger enterprises, is a custom-built DaaS offering with enterprise-grade security, and fully managed to provide significantly lower TCO. It is highly secure, compliant with regulatory standards, scalable and resilient, without compromising on the performance.

Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360) is designed to improve business user productivity, enhance end-user experience, optimize costs, and eliminate security threats. It enables workspace transformation for financial services by setting up a secure work environment that meets business needs and challenges, ensuring both customer and end user experience.

How Desktops on Private Cloud adds value to your business

Regulatory Compliance

Deploy role and policy-based
access controls to facilitate secure
access to business applications
and maintain full compliance.

Zero Downtime

Experience an environment with
zero disruptions with a fully
managed deployment process and
proactive technical support and

End-User Experience

Achieve high end-user experience
with personalized desktops based
on user needs and secure anytime
anywhere access to work.

Cost Optimization

Minimize your infrastructure
expenditure with multi-tenant
architecture and flexible
pay-as-you-go billing models.

Financial Services Use Cases

Deliver customized

By allowing real-time access to essential data for agents and managers, Anunta’s DaaS solutions help you serve your customers at their convenience.

Facilitate data-driven

Our virtual desktop solutions empower data scientists to harness the power of data analytics across multiple data sources to make faster, smarter business decisions.

Leverage a distributed,
global workforce

By providing authorized teams access, we help you minimize borderless operation costs while complying with complex data privacy requirements.

Enhance operational

Our DaaS solutions deliver an omni-channel,
location-agnostic experience to employees and provide enhanced workspace
mobility, ensuring flexibility and agility.

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Anunta is a highly specialized cloud services company, focused on end-user experience management in enterprise environments. Since our inception in 2012, we have been guided by a single overarching mission – to help enterprises move to new generation End-User Computing (EUC) environments and to manage them in a way that puts end-user experience at the center of everything.

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