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Virtual Desktops for Contact Centers

Contact centers are expected to manage multiple engagement channels like calls, text, and social media. They are also mandated to work under ever-intensifying compliance rules and regulations. Virtual desktops offer contact centers the ideal solution.

Anunta’s Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360), designed for larger enterprises, is a custom-built DaaS offering with enterprise-grade security, and fully managed to provide significantly lower TCO. It helps you scale your contact centers up or down depending on your business requirement, while achieving business agility, resilience, and continuity.

Our Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360) is cost-effective, with no upfront expenditure required to procure servers, physical spaces or other IT resources. And since it is flexible enough to deploy and support a geographically distributed workforce with no proximity to data centers required, Anunta’s Enterprise DaaS (Anunta Desktop360) is the ideal digital workplace transformation technology for your contact centers.

Benefits of DaaS for Contact Centers

Simplified Compliance

Choose how and where your data
is stored by moving your desktops
to virtual environments.

Stronger Security

Secure your sensitive data and
applications on centralized servers
instead of scattered devices.

Centralized Management

Deploy new tools and applications
to employee workstations from a
central location.


Scale your contact center
operations up or down by
spinning your virtual desktop
sessions up or down based on call


Enjoy zero disruptions to your
contact center with Anunta’s fully
managed deployment process,
and proactive technical support
and monitoring.

Great End User Experience

Empower your employees with
greater mobility and productivity
by enabling anywhere anytime
working, which improves
retention rates.

Contact Center Use Cases

Keep systems secure and
compliant with integrated
security management

Anunta automatically monitors for and addresses security vulnerabilities, and proactively protects systems against the latest threats.

Simplify IT systems and
management complexity

Anunta’s DaaS solutions allow contact centers to consolidate their key IT resources in the cloud, simplifying their management.

Enable anytime,
anywhere work

By hosting desktop sessions in the cloud, Anunta’s DaaS solutions enable employees to access their virtual workstations from anywhere.

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Anunta is a highly specialized cloud services company, focused on end-user experience management in enterprise environments. Since our inception in 2012, we have been guided by a single overarching mission – to help enterprises move to new generation End-User Computing (EUC) environments and to manage them in a way that puts end-user experience at the center of everything.

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