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Enhanced productivity and end-user experience.

Anunta offers optimal Cloud Solutions and Day 2 Operations to Enhance Productivity & End-User Experience.

Today’s End-User Computing (EUC) needs are all about keeping the end-user upfront and central. Yet for IT departments, balancing employee needs across diverse functions in a social, mobile, analytic, and cloud environment without increasing complexity and management overhead is a mammoth task.

With a varied choice of technology and products, licensing considerations, scores of applications, and the added complexity of managing a completely new application delivery chain with limited in-house skills, it’s very easy to end up with an EUC system that leaves users frustrated and unhappy due to:

  • Inability to completely integrate with the existing application and infrastructure environment.
  • Instability in the performance leading to frequent business interruptions.
  • Inability to scale as per business needs.
  • Excessive upgrade and maintenance costs resulting in high TCO.

This is the gap we address at Anunta. Anunta is a recognized specialist in cloud (public & private) and virtualization technologies, and has been working exclusively in the EUC space since inception (2012), today managing 120,000+ endpoints across 190,000+ users globally. We partner with leading EUC vendors, VMware and Citrix, and cloud infrastructure providers, AWS and Azure, in offering private and public cloud solutions. We are VMware’s Onboarding Services Partner (OSP) and Managed Services Partner (MSP), offering a full range of onboarding and post-deployment (Day-2) services for Horizon Cloud implementations.

Our Expertise

We provide end-to-end management of new generation EUC environments with obsessive, laser-sharp focus on end-user productivity using a combination of the most suitable virtualization technologies (Server Based Computing aka Hosted Shared Desktops, Hosted Virtual Desktops, and Application Virtualization) depending on the desired IT architecture, along with our proprietary smart monitoring platform enabling cross-silo topography mapping and real-time visibility across the entire IT environment. In a nutshell, we take the worry out of EUC with our unparalleled expertise in putting the end-user at the very center of End-User Computing.

With SLAs on application performance at the end-user level, we assure application delivery to modern work environments that need to enable mobility to support a geographically distributed workforce, enable collaboration and BYOD using cloud computing. We do all of this while incurring among the lowest incident-to-user ratio in the industry – less than 0.3 as compared to the industry average of 0.8 – 1.2 incidents/user/month – resulting in above 99.9% application availability at the end-user level across all our clients. While others talk about customer satisfaction, we actually measure it and provide automated real-time customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores from the end-users to our customers.

What sets us apart

Our single-minded focus on end-user productivity, deep domain expertise in designing, building and managing end-user-centric, high-availability application delivery architectures, and a successful track record of retaining and growing business of over 90% clients onboarded till date, make us the partner of choice for leading OEMs when it comes to large, complex EUC transformations.

Feel free to browse through our Products and Solutions and get in touch with us to let us know how we can help you with your EUC solution needs.