Keep Your Business Running Even at the Time of Crisis with Cloud Desktops

Cloud Desktops for Remote Working

Remote working is the new normal. Keep your business up and running during crisis, and accelerate remote working with Anunta’s Cloud Desktops.

Unprecedented situations can cause business disruptions. It is important that organizations adopt the new normal and have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that promotes remote working or work from home in order to keep their business operations up and running. To enable your workforce to operate remotely, maintain productivity and securely access data, and business applications can be challenging during extraordinary situations.

Anunta’s cloud desktops is a sustainable, secure and scalable long-term solution to your business needs at any time during crisis. The cloud desktops can empower your employees with the right technology for remote working thereby providing secure access to data and applications, and enabling them to communicate and collaborate from the convenience of their homes.

Our cloud desktops are tailored for your business needs and can be quickly setup while ensuring zero business disruptions. It is offered at a fixed cost of per user per month and you can start with as few as 50 users.

Cloud Desktops for Remote Working Offers

With Anunta’s Cloud Desktops you can focus on other core business activities and leave the task of design, provisioning, configuration, implementation and management to our experts.

Design & Build
Provisioning, use case deployment, configuration, integration and go-live.
Steady State Support
24×7 support and steady state operations for enhanced end-user experience.

Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Remote Working

Fully Managed Desktop Solution
Fully Managed Desktop Solution
Leave the pain of design, implementation and management to Anunta, as we deliver to you a fully functional cloud desktop.
Pay as you go Model
Pay as You Go Model
Pay only for what you consume and save significant on investment on costly infrastructures.
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Access your data and business application while working remotely on any device of your choice.
24x7 Helpdesk and Support
24×7 Helpdesk and Support
Fully managed desktop solution with comprehensive Helpdesk that is available 24×7 and Single point of accountability for all end-user performance issues.
On Demand, Virtual Desktops
On Demand, Virtual Desktops
Start with 50 users and quickly ramp-up users irrespective of their location and as per your business needs. Add new users and resources quickly to keep the business running.
Highly Secure and Compliant
Highly Secure and Compliant
Robust security policies that allows users to access data and applications through devices of their choice without compromising on security and compliance.

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